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The Flip Side

I told you about the situation yesterday. I want you to look at this from another perspective.

As the wronged BFF –
Would you – in the first place – tell your BFF about this?

As the other BFF –
You being the sister, how will this make you feel? YOUR sister who is flucking around with YOUR BFF’s husband. Or trying to.


What would you do? Would you confront sister and sort her out? Or leave it?

Will this affect your friendship either way?

Edit: i’ve been trying to blog while also developing a moeviese migraine. I’ve decided to call it quits and go home. Thanks for your visits and comments. I will catch up soon

Have an awesome weekend


Comments on: "The Flip Side" (41)

  1. Fionula said:

    Weird thing about friendships… even if you let something slide… it always seems to come back full circle and come out in the wash.Good luck either way

  2. ishouldbeworking said:

    Fionula is right, these things always do come out, you might as well give her a heads up and speak to her about it before it snowballs.

  3. chantellebeyers said:

    You and your BFF will still be friends if you are not friends with her sister. I had lots of friends that weren’t friends with my sister! What tweaks my suspicious bone (it’s situated halfway between your heart and your gut) is how the hell she got his number and did he have her number on his phone too?????

  4. Mahesi said:

    I’m wiff Ocin, Confront the B*!

  5. DjinnDeamon said:

    Ouch, goodluck and strongsDont think of sun wrinkeled.. :)Goodluck

  6. ThatOke said:


  7. MissChris said:

    Have not read other comments but believe it will have more of an effect on your friendship if you do not tell her and she finds out later. How she tackles with her sister is for her to sort out – but you do need to talk to the receiver of the message before the repurcussions come home to roost. Good luck Dizzy – this is not nice or pleasant – but it has to be sorted – it will fester and fester and fester if it is not.

  8. PaulNicholas said:

    It depends on what you value most. If it’s your relationship with your Hubby, then everything else can be put at risk to sort it out. Talk to the most valued one first and agree the strategy.

  9. priscillaannef said:

    I’m definitely with rooikat on this. It’s a kak situation to be in Diz. Sterkte!

  10. Same shit different day said:

    Ditto OC – thinking of you *hugs* xx

  11. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Tough one Diz. When a girl started phoning and smsing the BF, I lost it. I told him that either he told her to stop contacting him, or I would. And I assured him, that if I was to get involved – it would get ugly. Your BFF will just have to understand. If she doesn’t. Her loss.

  12. JournoJen said:

    Tell your friend. If you are close, she will take you seriously and speak to her sister. If she doesn’t speak to her sister, tell her that you will confront her yourself for the sake of the marriage!

  13. pinkpolkadot said:

    I will confront!!I hope you are feeling better!

  14. bronnie.l said:

    You are giving me a headache just trying to resort each character and each perspective – lol… I will contemplate this and reply later tonight!

  15. bronnie.l said:

    I think you need to chat but tactfully… and be prepared it might not go the way you hope.

  16. Sylvia.Brouwer said:

    Shame Dizzy…I would show him the knorrige face and warn him of the situation, without confronting either then you avoid conflict and he has the choice to make whether to pursue it…then my dear you have done your duty…;) PS hope you feeling better now..

  17. Moonz said:

    Hope your migraine is gone by now. Would definitely tell your friend and ask HER how you should handle it. Put the ball in her court. Ppl like to be asked for advice :)I really hope it gets sorted ASAP. xxx

  18. Killakat said:

    LOL! The tactful went right out of the window! Me and my big mouth… 😉

  19. Killakat said:

    Well the migraine sort of took care of the knorrige face. But we’re all sorted nowThanks so muchxxx

  20. Killakat said:

    Thanks Dinx, all sorted now. Post will be up soonxxx

  21. Killakat said:

    She understood. Very upset with her sister. Whoo, now, THERE’s issues ;)I should have called you to sort her out, hey? lol

  22. Killakat said:


  23. Killakat said:

    Thanks, SW!

  24. Killakat said:

    Thanks Rooikat, I guess relationship with hubby, right? All sorted…xxx

  25. Killakat said:

    Thanks MC – I told her, she was very upset. At me – coz’ I didn’t tell her immediately, and of course at the sister. She’ll be confronting the sister too. xxx

  26. Killakat said:

    Profound TO! lol

  27. Killakat said:

    LMAO! Cold & wrinkled?

  28. Killakat said:

    LOL! Watch your claws….;)

  29. Killakat said:

    You are right. She’s indeed a BFF. She’s sticking with me

  30. Killakat said:

    Thanks Civ-illain! All sorted now. Sommer cam out with the whole shebang!

  31. Killakat said:

    You’re right, hence I decided to tell her, no use keeping secrets from each other

  32. Killakat said:

    LOL! No beating around the bush, eh?

  33. Killakat said:

    Thanks Kimme!

  34. Killakat said:

    (((HUGS))) You are a very good friend, BloggsyMWAH!

  35. Killakat said:

    I’ll let the sister do that. She’s flaming mad! 😉

  36. Killakat said:

    Done! And sorted. Well, dunno about the sister, but BFF was hopping mad – with me for not telling her, and for sister.

  37. Killakat said:

    Thanks! Much better today!

  38. Killakat said:

    LOL! You and me both 😉

  39. snowdon said:

    Hmmmm, I’d ask my friend about it, but also speak to Boo. What’s with this chick? Once you’ve got their advice, deck her one time!Hope you feeling better 🙂 Fx

  40. DjinnDeamon said:

    lets just leave wrinkled out of the picture all toghether

  41. ThatOke said:

    LOL, thanks 🙂

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