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To Do or Not to Do?

I guess I didn’t win the Liebster Award, eh? Who did?? Well done to the lucky recipient!!

Now back to me

To make New Year’s Resolutions. Or not?

I have not made any in 3 years. Here’s proof. It wasn’t a conscious decision not to. I just sort of stopped. Without realizing it.

When people recently started asking me what mine were for 2013 I was blank. Like I never heard of this phenomenon before.

My second reaction was “Nah, not making any”. It’s a waste of time. You don’t keep them anyway.  Or you forget them. Or hope everyone else forgets them.

Spoke to Better Half who promptly nullified my arguments against – you HAVE to make some personal goals, otherwise you will never evolve. Yep, he actually  used that word. I was suitably impressed.

But again I thought – why wait for a new year to buckle down and make some changes?

Reasons not to make NY's resolutions

Reasons not to make NY’s resolutions

And that is probably the real reason why I just stopped. I didn’t want to be a cliché  nor did I want to wait until a new year had dawned to make personal changes.  I do this daily, weekly, monthly. Depending on the need.

For example – last year I decided to lose some excess baggage (i.e. weight) and I set a goal, defined a plan to reach it, and I did. Of course (like any other woman I know) –  this was on the resolution list ever since I can remember, but even this fell off coz’ I got tired of putting it on the list and not achieving it. An embarrassing reminder, you know?

I also promised myself to read more, and I did. I decided to commence my language lessons again – and after waffling for months on end, I finally did.

Point is – I am not dependent on a new year to make changes. And I rather like that.

I do have long-term goals though, and these I will be putting into action this year – like getting my honors, or starting a new page in my career. Or even switching careers. But I need time to figure it out first (forever the planner, forever in control)

So no, I will not make any resolutions for this year. I will continue doing what I do. Go with the flow. Change / adapt as needed. Grow as  the situation requires.  I rather like being flexible in that way.

Who doesn’t like new cheese? 😉

A Happy New Year to you. And may all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled.

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