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It’s about time!

Hello there,

I’m about a week old on here. Why? Because I couldn’t make up my mind if I was moving or not. It’s taken me just about that long to sort myself out – as in (too many decisions you know) decide if I am moving from my previous platform, which platform to choose, which theme, should I buy premium upgrade now? can I move my other blog?… blahdie blah.

Well, I finally buckled down and made the move, so here I am.

I am sooo excited….! You must understand – this was a MAJOR decision for me. I’ve been with News.24 for like, forever (well, since I started blogging anyway) and I grew accustomed to being on that platform. I knew the bloggers, the topics, they were (mostly nice) and my…home, you know? I never thought (ever) I would move, but hey, things change, right? And yeah, I do procrastinate too 😉

I am not a very frequent blogger (mostly only post when I have something to say, i.e. vent) but I would like to evolve a bit. Maybe I’ll blog about a little bit more than just my haywire emotions, or people who pissed me off. I want to be a bit more…well-rounded and…interesting and funny….I will try my best anyway

My blogging is spontaneous – if I get the urge, well, it normally follows with a post. Sometimes I am serious, mostly not, I like to share whatever moved me at the time (did I mention I vent a lot?). Why you ask? Coz I can’t voice my feelings at work, and at home they don’t know what to do with me when I get so pissed off. Now you know.

Talk about home – I am not a spring-chicken, but in my prime 😀 have someone who calls me wife, and two randy teenagers – aged 18 & 14, both boys thank god. I am a Christian, but I do not bash with the Bible. I have Muslim and Hindu family, so grew up being very tolerant of cultural differences. I am South African, but living in Germany for now (I will turn your ear on this topic at some point). Er…that’s all for now

I hope to make new friends here too, I will visit, and hopefully you will too. If you wanted to get to know me better, have a look under “archives” to read some of my previous (maybe not best) posts. Thank goodness I could move all that here…

Until the next time….have a super weekend


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