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It’s about time!

Hello there,

I’m about a week old on here. Why? Because I couldn’t make up my mind if I was moving or not. It’s taken me just about that long to sort myself out – as in (too many decisions you know) decide if I am moving from my previous platform, which platform to choose, which theme, should I buy premium upgrade now? can I move my other blog?… blahdie blah.

Well, I finally buckled down and made the move, so here I am.

I am sooo excited….! You must understand – this was a MAJOR decision for me. I’ve been with News.24 for like, forever (well, since I started blogging anyway) and I grew accustomed to being on that platform. I knew the bloggers, the topics, they were (mostly nice) and my…home, you know? I never thought (ever) I would move, but hey, things change, right? And yeah, I do procrastinate too 😉

I am not a very frequent blogger (mostly only post when I have something to say, i.e. vent) but I would like to evolve a bit. Maybe I’ll blog about a little bit more than just my haywire emotions, or people who pissed me off. I want to be a bit more…well-rounded and…interesting and funny….I will try my best anyway

My blogging is spontaneous – if I get the urge, well, it normally follows with a post. Sometimes I am serious, mostly not, I like to share whatever moved me at the time (did I mention I vent a lot?). Why you ask? Coz I can’t voice my feelings at work, and at home they don’t know what to do with me when I get so pissed off. Now you know.

Talk about home – I am not a spring-chicken, but in my prime 😀 have someone who calls me wife, and two randy teenagers – aged 18 & 14, both boys thank god. I am a Christian, but I do not bash with the Bible. I have Muslim and Hindu family, so grew up being very tolerant of cultural differences. I am South African, but living in Germany for now (I will turn your ear on this topic at some point). Er…that’s all for now

I hope to make new friends here too, I will visit, and hopefully you will too. If you wanted to get to know me better, have a look under “archives” to read some of my previous (maybe not best) posts. Thank goodness I could move all that here…

Until the next time….have a super weekend



To be continued

Does the new platform mean we need to be „adult“ and „blog responsibly“ and „behave“?

If I continue as myself (as opposed to my sober self) – sometimes sane, more often not, sometimes entertaining, mostly not – does that mean I will not get any visitors, nor any comments? Do I care? Should I stay?

Well the fact that I asked the question in itself means I care, right?

I haven’t blogged regularly in the past two years, so already I am at a disadvantage – most people don’t know me. There are so many new bloggers joining the blogging world every day that the options for bored readers are just endless. There is no way my blog could survive with such competition. Do I want to compete?

Which brings me to the reason I started the blog in the first place – to vent. Don’t forget the attention. I want to be seen and heard, be liked, and be viewed as an interesting blogger. Did I mention vent?

So my answer to the question would be YES. I care. Bloggers are by nature attention seekers – they blog because they want to be read, they want to show off (or even develop) their skills (good or bad) and they want to express themselves too.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it brings readers, comments/criticisms, laughter, fun, new friends – mission accomplished.

That means I will stay here, and vent and continue in my mad fashion, hoping that at least I draw some readers and comments. No trolls please.

To be continued….


PS: I am somewhat mollified that I am not the only one still trying to figure out this shiny new thing 😀

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