… a little bit of this, that and a lot more


So you and I are BFF’s. You have a half sister.

Your sister don’t like me much

I don’t really care for her, but I make the effort coz’ you’re my friend and she’s your sister and I know how much this relationship means to you. (It’s a very young relationship, +- 3 years)

So I have a bust-up at my place for my birthday

I also invite your sister – not that you asked me to, you even tell me that I really don’t have to

You and I and your hubby and my Boo are dik tjommies. We’ve come a long road together.

The kind of friends where I can call your hubby whenever I’m in a fix. Or to find out if his interview went ok. And you can do the same.

We are still getting to know your sister and her hubby. This is maar like the 4
th time we are in the same company. I’m still trying to figure her intentions out. She’s very nice to me. Overly nice. Maybe it’s because you and I are friends. I think she’s very cunning and shrewd.

So they leave after the lekker party without saying bye to me – the hostess. But your sister says bye to my Boo?

And then I find an sms on his cell from her saying “G’night, just getting into bed now. Thanks for a great evening.xoxo”


Boo don’t know I saw this message.

We have some trust issues.


My reaction is – WTFF????!!!!!


What do you think?


Comments on: "Confokulations" (59)

  1. Killakat said:

    Hey Bloggsy, all’s fine. Unfortunately we learn to hide our feelings too well….How about we set something up with Gymguy? 😉

  2. Killakat said:

    Maybe this weekend, I think I left it too longYou have a way with words, I’ll leave him in your hands! lol

  3. Killakat said:

    LOL! Nothing ventured….anyways, he’s a hunny. All sweet and stuff. You two will be perfect for each other! Snippy bloggsy and the teddy-bear Gymguy I’m making booties already 😉

  4. Mahesi said:

    Hi Dizz, only saw this now. You shouldn’t havewaited this long what if there where other smses that you did not see from there on? Nip it Girl, nip it! I know her typeThey are both wrong btw

  5. Mahesi said:

    Hope you are fine Lady 🙂

  6. Mahesi said:

    Hope you are fine though 🙂

  7. Killakat said:

    I know Sparkle. I guess I couldn’t believe it, by the time I did, it was already too late? (((HUGS)))

  8. Killakat said:

    I’m fine hunny! I’m one tough cookie, aint no tart going to upset my delicate equilibrium! 😉

  9. snowdon said:

    She sounds like a real bitch — the type that tries to get into married men’s pants! Do you know if he responded?

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