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what’s nice and what’s…not so nice over here in the First World

Honestly, there are more positives to being over here in Germany than not. Yeah, the crisis makes things a bit doom and gloom, but for once I try not to focus on the negatives 😉

The safety is A++. I am sure I do not have to tell you about the crime and atrocities going on over there in my country – the news coverage is comprehensive enough. Please be aware that you don’t always get the full picture, we all know media only publishes what will “sell”. Some things are hard to deny though….In any case, let me continue

Here my children and I have freedom of movement. I can catch a bus, taxi, train at any time of day or night, without worrying for my safety.

The education is tops – there are some criticisms of the German education system, but a lot of positives too.

Transport – did I mention the different forms of transport? And it works. No waiting for a bus that won’t turn up, or hoping and praying the Taxi won’t go out of control and cause an accident. Accidents do happen here, but mostly due to people’s haste or stupidity, not because the car was not roadworthy

The people are mostly nice – being an insipid word, I know – but they are truly likeable once you speak their language 🙂 No really, they are. And so helpful too – many a time we looked (not were ;-)) lost only to be helped by an old man or woman who couldn’t speak a word of English, but would find someone to help us.

But boy, are they perfectionists. My. Goodness. And uptight? Sjoe, that’s one thing I can’t get used to. I think they try to be more relaxed and accommodating (no they don’t), but it will be some time still….And you have to make an appointment for everything….for the kids to visit, for you to visit. Whatever happened to dropping in on the spur of the moment (like we SA’ns do) for a glass of wine? Uh-uh. Make an appointment…Seriously. That’s how it is.

On the other hand, I like the structure these Germans have….you have to make an appointment to see me now too. If I don’t feel like seeing you, well…it could take some weeks 😉 I think I’m becoming one of them. I need to loosen up 😀

The absolute best – we have been infected by the German love of the outdoors. As SA’ns we are spoilt by the abundant sunshine and generally excellent weather we are blessed with – we do not have to flock outside to enjoy the sun when it’s out, because we know there will be more tomorrow.

Here it’s completely the opposite. If the sun is out, every single person and his dog are outside. No one stays indoors to watch a movie (unless you are ill). It’s addictive….we are now cycling, and jogging and taking long walks. Because you don’t know when the weather will be good again. And the best – you won’t be robbed at gun point for a bicycle. And it’s good for the heart. That’s a huge A++++ from my point of view

We will be here for a while still, and are already contemplating how we will cope when we go back…if we go back. That’s a topic for another post….


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