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Going Batty?

I have been rather absent. There’s been so much goings-on in my dreary life, that I just couldn’t muster the time to maintain my blog.

In the past few months I’ve had to move house, I’ve gone through a restructuring at work, oldest son has graduated from school, I’ve become a semi-permanent citizen of the EU states. And oh yeah, I’m full on into The Crises.

Through all of this, I have remained calm, controlled, strong, collected. Gone through each and every change methodically, with clear-cut precision. A pillar of reliability.

Super Woman

Super Woman

(please note – no swearing)

And now that all the upheaval is behind me, I should be relieved, stress-free. Relaxed.

Instead, I feel…well, lost. In limbo. Like something is missing. And frustrated. Mad as hell. At no-one in particular. At everyone in general. I think I’m losing my marbles.

Me, Crazy? Nah

Me, Crazy? Nah

I guess after months of being so…held together, keeping everything under control – making sure BH and kids are sorted, cared for, organising the move, the electricians, the painters, the cleaners – I find it a struggle to now adapt to the new situation.

And all of this leads me to have less patience than I normally have. I am less tolerant than I normally am. Which is not much under normal circumstances.

(again – please note the lack of swearing)

Now the vent.

On good days I cannot tolerate people who criticise (anyone/anything) without having a clue. With my newfound battiness, it’s ten times worse. If you expect me to do stuff, and then crit me for not doing it a specific way, or not arranging it for a specific day, then I feel you should shut your big fucking mouth and fucking-well do it yourself.

If you have a better idea, then fucking-well shut up and just do it. Don’t crit me when you are sitting on your fat ass doing fuckall, except stuffing your mouth like a pig and watching TV. Same goes for the little pricks that pass for my kids.

And don’t make conversation just for the sake of talking. Whatever you have to say must be bloodywell useful or interesting, or have the potential to make a difference in my day. If none of the above applies – shut your trap.

I’m sick and tired of being needed, being depended upon. Can’t anyone fuckingwell do anything on their own without involving me in every itty-bitty-shitty detail or decision in their lives?? When do I get to ask for help, huh??? Noooo. Never. It’s bloodywell unheard of.

I’m sick and tired of the pressure. I just want to breathe. I just want to not worry about every fucking thing. I want a normal fucking life, where I can rely on other people for a change. I want someone else to take responsibility and make some decisions for a change.

I’ve had enough of all this shit.

I need a holiday, and I need it bloodywell quickly, before I completely lose all my marbles.

Not Loony

Not Loony

PS: I don’t think I got my point across. I will have to try again next time 😉


Comments on: "Going Batty?" (8)

  1. Sparkle said:

    Hi there Dizz, can you not seek proffesional help? Either a coach or counselor. It cannot be good for you and people around you(that love you) to tip toe around you to avoid your outburst.
    Just saying, I know the last thing you want is unsolicited advise. All should be well because you worked very hard for everything you have and to give your boys all the best in life.
    We are having a long weekend(June 16-Youth day)

    • Hey Sparkle, I guess I never considered that since I really don’t see me as needing help

    • Sparkle said:

      Hi Dizz, can’t you buy tickets to come for holidays or for some members of yours/Bh’s family to come there? Your situation does sound frustrating now that the others don’t try from their side as well

      • Hi Sparkle, we go for holidays, but that doesn’t fix the problem. It’s all hunky dory for a few weeks, and then back to the old. I guess its my new reality and I have to learn to deal with it. C’est La Vie 😉

  2. Quite incredible linguistic restraint – well, anyway, until the lid blew off! 🙂
    Maybe you could get the brains of BH and kids rewired?

    • I thought so myself 😛 but must admit that I feel much better since letting loose. They do need an intervention from The Adjustment Bureau, but since I don’t have them around I need to start it myself. Ayayai

  3. Oops. Hope you feeling better Diz.

    • Hello Footsy, it is indeed much better than Friday, I think I’ve just reached the end of my tether. I really need some R&R 😉

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