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Quirky Age

It seems like all I am doing is posting when I am frustrated. This will change. With my next post I promise 😉

I’ve told you before that I am going though the Crises (midlife and menopause). I find that I experience so many different emotions – sometimes in the span of a few seconds – leaving me feeling dizzy and not quite as “in control” as I like to be.

One minute I love my husband to the moon and back, and the next I just want to kick him to the moon and back. He is a wonderful, caring man, has a heart of gold. And he puts up with all my shit. What more can I ask for?

Give me strength!

Give me strength!

But I am. I want the guy that I married 19 years ago, back.

I have a question to everyone who have been married for 20 years or longer….How on earth do you do it?

OK, I lied. I have MANY questions.

How do you stay married for 20 years and more, and not feel like you sometimes could happily strangle the guy? How do you keep the magic? Is the guy you married still the same, or has he changed much more than you anticipated?

How do you stay in love with someone that long? How do you not fall “out” of love? What does it take to stay physically attracted to each other? Just…HOW????

Don’t tell me about love and loyalty, and date-nights and what-not. Because once date night is over, you come home with the same guy, with the same shitty habits. I want something I can work with, not fairy tales.

And before you start throwing daggers – I know we all go through changes, our bodies change, we grow hair in inappropriate places. Everything that was perky and pretty is now…less perky and pretty (matured we call it ;-))

And we get used to all those changes, we become comfortable with it. But he’s changed way beyond what I can cope with right now.

His mission

His mission

He eats like every meal might be his last. When he eats, it’s such a racket, I swear you can hear him from a mile away. And the food is all over his face. I mean really?! Using a knife and fork is a challenge – there’s more food around the plate than in the plate.

He is constantly in the kitchen – eating sweets, or cookies or something. It seems like he is scared he will die if his mouth is not moving.

And his tongue lolls. Like a dog’s. I swear, I am not making this up.

When we watch movies, his mouth moves as if he’s repeating the actor’s lines.

Even his laugh has changed. He laughs like a deranged person. We are too scared to go to the movies because you can hear him above all else.

The kids are embarrassed by him.

I cannot say when exactly all this started, but I noticed.

It is driving me C R A Z Y.

And because of this he has become so un-sexy, that I can’t get it up anymore. I’m totally off it. I am running out of excuses already! Granted, there might be other reasons for this (such as my M&M’s) but I dunno….surely I should be happy for any sex I get at this age, seeing that I might not be able to get it up without some help in the near future, right?

Is all of this attributable to the M&M’s – my crises? Is this all just me being a shitty person? I am really hating myself for thinking all of this and for being such a mean person.

So what now, I ask you?? Shall I tell him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. He already thinks I am a shrew, so can you imagine what he will call me after this? Anyway, the boys have already – on numerous occasions – told him about this, but he ignores it.

Is this normal? Has your guy also changed like this?

Am I just full of shit???




Comments on: "Quirky Age" (7)

  1. Wow Diz. I am gobsmacked. Contact an exorcist? Sounds like your fella has been highjacked.

  2. ‘To know, know, know him’s not to love, love, love him … and I don’t!’ (Parody of old song.)
    Seems he has let himself slide into an utter slob, and somehow needs shocking into pulling his act straight again.

    • So…I should light a firecracker under his ass? 😉

      • Great idea for getting attention!

      • Sparkle said:

        Hi Dizz,
        Somehow I cannot post my comment thus I am using reply option.
        I have rceived your message and we are both fine(Baby and I) she is now a big girl turning 3 in May 🙂 and work is fine too, I am a lot happier now and the saying is true that you are only as happy as you make up your mind to be.
        I kept saying “yho” when reading your post. He did indeed let himself go, I can only imagine and I hope you find a way of addressing the issue.
        You can join th egym with him so that he does not take offence at the sugestion and maybe he will fall back into”order”.
        (I can’t even see where I am typing, The name thingy is hanging over the “comment” space. Hai No!)
        At gym he will meet other men/people and he will be forced back into reality. His problem is pyschological, you know, not being a provider whereas you are supposed to bet “the man”. Hope you find a solution before it gets worse.
        Much Love Lady Dizz!

  3. Heya Sparkle! So glad you and bambino are doing well, she must be running circles around you by now 😉 and lol @ “yho” I miss using that word 🙂 He’s at the gym, so no excuse there, I just need to keep him out of the kitchen – and buy him a huge bib for when he eats 😉 But it is unattractive indeed – I have now resorted to eating alone, rather than be witness to the shenanigans….Chat again soon, let me know how you are doing, k? xxx

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