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This is the umpteenth time I have visited blogs.24 (24 = available 24 hours??? didn’t think so)…this was the start of this post, but this damn thing kicked me out. This brings my total time on here today to 67 minutes . I have visited 4 blogs, commented on two, deleted 500farkin spam messages (ok I exaggerate, but it was a lot) and was kicked off twice…

I cannot deal with this. This site is totally use(less), user-unfriendly, slow, and generally crap. You will not believe how many times I have logged in to blog in the past few months, just to connect and catch up, for it to take ages to navigate from one page to the next (and why are you always sent to page 1 with the back button???)

Sorry, no can do. I am going. Hasta la vista baby. Catch you on wordpress (originals) or blogspot, haven’t decided yet

And, I wanted to vent, but this k*k site has cured me of my moan. Thanks for that News.24




Comments on: "Argghhhhh" (7)

  1. I understand what you feel. And you seem to be right. The domains have been separated and now the former Letterdash – now 24 – is on its own. So there are 4 or 5 post coming in per day. Maybe that is just like a new beginning. While searching for a new blog home you may try http://letterdash.bb24.biz (in English – some spam blogs will need to be killed) or the German version http://blog.bb24.biz .
    Buf if you’re looking for a bigger community – WordPress or BlogSpot might be the ones…

  2. nesekis said:

    Just as fedup!!!

    • Dizzy said:

      Are you also considering moving? I am just looking to see if I can export my blog, then I’m off…

  3. gobetween said:

    Quite a few of us on free wordpress.com. You get quite a lot of traffic for fairly little effort. Professional blog options. Blogspot is easy to use BUT no traffic it feels like you are farting in the wind to pardon the expression.

    I have never regretted moving to WP.com and have found several other SA bloggers. The international crowd are a nice bunch of people too.

    • Dizzy said:

      I had a look at both – WP apeals to me more, it seems easy (if you go for the free option) or complicated (if you want to customise etc)…still considering it tho. Thanks for that, I will look you up wherever I go 😉

  4. I have kept my old site ticking over mainly for sentimental reasons, but things are a great deal more active on WP. I am too busy lately to do it justice, but try to keep in touch as much as possible. Good to catch up with you again!

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