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Newbie to WP

Hello there,

I am new to WP, but not new to blogging. This is a WIP, bear with me…



Comments on: "Newbie to WP" (3)

  1. Hey there, Dizzy.
    Nice to meet you! I understand your frustrations with your previous blog hosting site. I’m so glad you chose WP over Blogger– I have a blog there that I started a few years ago and only made four entries, I would like to export them to WP, but Google will not recognize me despite repeated attempts. I never had any readers, followers, or comments there. I found that site to be terribly unfriendly, and defeated the purpose of blogging entirely–to say something that someone can relate to. To build comraderie with other nutjobs who express themselves through words. I have been writing thecheekydiva since July, and have had a tremendous amount of feedback here and feel like I was accepted into the community almost immediately. The bloggers at WP are a very open and inviting bunch. We all have something different to say, and we have wildly diverse ways of saying them. But, I have found WP bloggers to be a very respectful and friendly bunch of people. All levels of expertise (including total clueless novice such as myself) are encouraged to flourish through comments, likes, follows and feedback. I hope you will come to feel at home as you settle in here, and welcome!

    • ramblingdizzy said:

      Thank you so much! I must say I am somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of bloggers here, and feel like a grain of sand at the moment 😉 but hope to make lots more friends. I love your blog name, that’s what piqued my interest :-)) You do not seem clueless at all from what I have read so far, I love your sense of humour and writing style, so whenever you have some tips, please feel free to share :-)) Have a fab weekend!

      • thecheekydiva said:

        Well, Darling, many thanks right back! I am full of useless mis-information. I will enjoy giving you tips in the future that will be of absolutely no use to you whatsoever! That’s my forte. Appearing to be fabulous when I all I have to offer is worthless drivel.

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