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Christmas Market



Ok, so we ended up going to the Christkindlesmarkt on Friday evening. It was bloody cold.











I must say, after everyone waxing lyrical about this market, I really expected something more spectacular, and busy and I-dunno-what-else. I couldn’t help feeling slightly let-down by what I found.


It was practically a duplicate of the local Christmas Market, but just thrice the size. And it wasn’t as big as I expected. Obviously my view of popular and huge is not the same as everyone else’s. And obviously I am not that much into Christmas markets.



The market wasn’t as buzzing as we thought it would be. Although the people who were brave enough to come out on this mizzy night, were mostly die-hard tourists (like me, lol).


I did overhear one of the stall verkaufers (also) whining about the market not being as busy as previous years. It is either the flight restrictions having an influence on the turn out, or people just decided to go to warmer climates. Or maybe the wallets aren’t as full as they used to be….


In any case, there was a lot (of the same) to buy. And it was bloody expensive. I wonder if it’s because most of the items are handmade, or maybe they are just milking the tourists. And even they (tourists) were grumbling. Ja, everyone’s suffering….


You could find anything from Christmas decorations (big and small), hand-made candles, baked goodies (lebkuchen is a popular “biscuit” made with nuts and spices) sweets, roasted nuts, and even a (what we call) a R5 shop (stall). Only, the stuff at this R5 stall was NOT close to being a bargain.


Lebkuchen for sale


Sweets for everyone



Bling for trees, windows


And for the displays


Very popular – stars for the windows




And don’t think you could get a steak and chips here. Wurst, schwein, wurst and more schwein. Urghhh. I don’t know what is worse. So I ended up having nothing for supper. Unless you count the glühwein as supper. There’s a store on every row, so you can fill up frequently. And in my defense, it was freezing, you know (ps: even the glühwein was expensive – 2.5 EUR for a cup, yet you can buy a 1l bottle for 3 EUR??? Leeches…..)


I wanted to buy my family (not that they deserve it) some small Xmas trinkets….it would have cost me an arm and a leg. So I didn’t. No loyalty for people who don’t deserve it anymore. But I will have to stop eating for the next month or so…


So, in conclusion – was I happy I went? Jein. Is it worth going? Yes, if you like traditional German Xmas bling and have a wallet that can support your fetish. Will I go again? No. Next year (godwilling) we will go to Rothenburg and visit the Christmas market there. Why? Because “they” say the town is pretty….(sometimes you just can’t trust “them” …)


Hope you enjoy the pics












Comments on: "Christmas Market" (5)

  1. robinhawkins said:

    You must be SO cold. Thanks for the delightful pictures.

  2. PaulNicholas said:

    Great pics, thanks.

  3. gobetween said:

    Great pics definately more beautiful than any market here.Yummy send me a snack.

  4. foot loose said:

    Merry Christmas Diz (You have ice and snow – we have sun, and high cold winds!)

  5. foot loose said:

    AND a very happy New Year.

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