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I seem incapable of putting together any intelligent, thought-provoking posts these days? I think it’s the change in climate…it’s stolen my imagination and taken my brains with it….(ok, not that I’ve EVER really been able to do that…thought-provokingly intelligent posts I mean. snort, giggle)

Yet I do have intelligent thoughts. On occasion. Like last night just before I fell asleep. It was something to do with software and Letterdash users, and demands being the same regardless of the platform. That thought didn’t last very long.


We’ve gone to see the house….well….Boo made a good decision, but I think he overdid “selling” it to me. The poor guy was a nervous wreck, shame. Am I so vol kak? Hell, he made me feel bad….

But I like it. And the kids love it too. Prolly wouldn’t have been my first choice, but…we can be happy there. What a relief!!


We’ve been to the public swimming pool. These people do not have a self-conscious bone in their bodies. Men in Speedo’s EVERYWHERE. Mein Gott. Eeeuuwwww. (bone…get it?)

And the ladies are allowed to go topless. Boo and the boys enjoy that too much, me thinks. We are going back there today….


Started jogging. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. After only one try….the boobs were still intact, so think I might just continue.


Ghana is out (sniff). What a nail-biting game. Uruguay was cunning.

Brazil is out (insert more sniffs here) – ai tog.

Argentina vs. Germany tonight. Whoo….I don’t think we will be much popular this afternoon.


Jackie Selebi has been found guilty. There is justice after all.

Paris was caught with marijuana and had to appear in a PE court. But the charges were dropped….LMFAO. That was a good joke.

I’m very emo today. I want my mommy.

Now excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out.



Comments on: "Some more Randomness" (7)

  1. Hopestar said:

    Oh deary me….*runs to get tissues for you**hugs*x x x x

  2. anotherdayinparadise said:

    Sounds like the Germans are as shameless as the French. Not surprised you’re homesick Dizzy but glad you’ve settled on a house.

  3. PaulNicholas said:

    Get an athletics bra – if you intend doing more jogging.And I see the Germans won.

  4. davidsdance said:

    Ag Dizzy – here is a beeeeeeeg hug for you!The Germans won and I am happy!!!So when do you move – must be a good feeling to know you are going to be in ‘your own’ place soon.

  5. Rockybaby said:

    Come on – Germany is very popular at the moment. And will be even more if we win this world cup.Bloody Paris Hilton- should have kicked her out of the country as an undesirable, as she is. I taned topless in Clifton when I was 16. At least these days it is legal. But who is interested in 42 year old boobs. Hehehehehe!!!

  6. bronnie.l said:

    hmm boo should have undersold the house. well at least the party atmosphere should be good in germany at present?so you flashign your boobies at the pool yet?

  7. foot loose said:

    AW, Diz. I’m just catching up – hope you feeling more cheerful.h

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