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Bietjie van Als

Thanks for the best wishes. But alas, the universe has something (I wish it would make this obscure plan clear) else in store for us


We did not get the house. Not because the owners did not want us as tenants, but because the frikkin renovations will only be done in OCTOBER?!?! Which made me wonder – how long does it take to have a bathroom completely overhauled? Hmm. No vorsprung here either….


To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. It just adds to the frustrations, and the general feeling of limbo. If only…


And the good news? The container (delayed for weeks by some strike … thanks to Transnet) is on its way and will be here only a month later. Whoop whoop!! (just one less thing to worry about)


But this of course makes securing a house even more critical. Ai tog. Does it ever bloody end?????


And I had a talk with my dear colleague. The man needs some lessons in proper communication (evil grin). So what did he do in school, eh? (pinches self for being so horrible)


All in all we have been blessed to have many a colleague and a neighbour who have gone above and beyond in helping us settle in. Such helpful, and kind people.


From finding a doctor, to where to shop, to getting the best place to watch the world cup games, and of course, advising me to take it easy…..


If it weren’t for these people, I probably would have stuck my head in the sand about 4 weeks ago.


So to my new German friends, my colleagues (you still need to learn not to translate verbatim) and my wonderful, fabulous neighbours – Thank you so much. You have made the past weeks much easier to bear.


Now, can you help me find a house? Pronto?? ;-))


Have a fab eve




Comments on: "Bietjie van Als" (6)

  1. bronnie.l said:

    oohhh dear. Look on the upside, once you find a house, the whole moving lease exchange thing is faster overseas than in SA

  2. PaulNicholas said:

    I’ll cross my fingers for you – when I’ve finished this typing . . .

  3. foot loose said:

    Fingers crossed for you.

  4. Rockybaby said:

    No Vorsprung for a bloody Badezimmer? What exactly do they have in mind: sauna and a eight seater jacuzzi?So sorry that you have been of of transnet’s victims as well. Some container arrivals are delayed for 8 weeks.Stay Strong and hugs from icy Cape Town.

  5. avryl said:

    Oi, are you still house hunting that you so scarce?

  6. linniezx10 said:


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