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Give me Strength

You know, I really try to keep all my mindless posts to a minimum.


But I have to vent….what a good start to the week, eh?


I know there is a HUGE culture difference between us open, friendly, groot-bek South Africans and these Duitsers, right. But for heaven’s sakes why can’t they write a manual on what to say when, and how to frikkin say it? And when to laugh and cry, or open your mouth?????


It’s driving me insane. It’s like walking on eggshells and I’m getting gatvol.


And someone else is gonna get a piece of my gatvol soon, if he doesn’t frikkin watch it!!!!




On a lighter note.


After weeks of struggling to find the perfect house (misnomer, there is no such thing here, it’s a compromise from bathrooms to bedrooms to gardens to location). We did in fact find exactly (more or less) what we’ve been looking for.


Now, just to convince the owners we are the tenants they’ve been looking for….


Have a fab day, and wish us luck




Comments on: "Give me Strength" (12)

  1. uysh said:

    Good luck!!

  2. PaulNicholas said:

    How can’t they want you as tenants? They can’t be that shut eyed.

  3. foot loose said:

    Good luck, Dizz.

  4. FleurinFrance said:

    yip tell me about it hey…it is not easy and believe me when you have made it in this country to say I am settled then you know you can survive AnyThing that life throws at you..

  5. linniezx10 said:

    Maybe you must send Boo to do the negotiations then… *puts up wrath-shield and ducks behind it* ;)Loooooooove ya!

  6. Hopestar said:

    Good luck with the house,*hugs*x x x x x

  7. Sundancer said:

    Good luck Dizzy with the house. Hope you get it.

  8. bronnie.l said:

    eish good luckdoes the bathroom at least have a window? frikkin freaks me out they don’t often out here

  9. Moonz said:

    I’m pleased you found the right house – I’m sure it’s gonna be yours. Loved your positive previous post.. I also have been so patriotic over this side. And my grandies are so in the spirit of it all.I know what you mean about the eggshells.. not an easy place you’re in.. much more difficult than where I am at the mo. Missing you stax my tjom. HUGS xxx

  10. anotherdayinparadise said:

    Hope you are perceived to be the “Perfect tenants.” Good luck and enjoy your day.

  11. lonely.at.home said:

    Good luck with the house! Hope your week goes along well :)*hugs*

  12. verbeeldingsvlug said:

    Sterkte met die huis soek dinge! Hoop dit werk uit.

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