… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

(bet you’ve seen a lot of these *points to subject* recently, so I’m unimaginative….who cares? ;))


I just got back from an event my division organised – a “Geht zu Sud Afrika” event, in celebration of the kick off to the WC.


We had “human football” fields, we had stalls where people could buy trinkets – proceeds which are used for UNICEF’s aid/contributions in ZA – and many other events in celebration of the kick off.


The vibe here was awesome. AWESOME!!!


Met new people, networked, as people do at these events.


Some asked me if security was really an issue in ZA. And if I think we would be able to host the event successfully.


The first question was obviously in relation to what has been broadcast by the media over the past few days – conflicting images of rioting, the recent stampede vs. our tourist attractions, beautiful stadia, and Gautrain ;). And don’t forget the journo’s who were robbed (why were they not in a reputable hotel, I wonder?)


My answer to # 1 was – yes, it is not the safest country, that is why you need to be vigilant. So don’t walk around with LV bags, or Gucci sunglasses – leave them at home (as in your country)  coz’ then you are just a walking advertisement…. And to # 2 (that looks bad, eh?) was a resounding…..YESSSSS!!!!


Did we not host the rugby world cup? And the cricket world cup? And don’t forget the IPL!!!


I have faith that South Africa – with warts and all – will pull this off. And my message to everyone (who can afford it) is…GO!!! Visit this beautiful country with its friendly and open people.  Experience the vibe for yourself. And then we talk again


The only thing missing….


I’m not there. And I am very emo about it. Or maybe it’s the vino talking….




I think I may be homesick








Comments on: "Viva, South Africa, Viva!" (7)

  1. erikavz said:

    Dizzy – I know how you feel. We watched Invictus last night and I relived that feeling we had back in ’95. No other country can party like the SA’s. Will have wait and see how it will go here next year with the rugby WC

  2. kevinmatthews said:

    GEEES baby GEEES!

  3. bronnie.l said:

    I’m green with envy that they are there and I am here dizz… you realise NOONE is even gonna be on the blogs today – most of them went home already to ready for the opening

  4. jeanihess said:

    Happy Soccer World Cup Friday!

  5. foot loose said:

    Me too ;-( (homesick)

  6. FleurinFrance said:

    hiya Dizzy have not forgotten you just forgotten the bliking password to my eamil address..lol..gee I can somme scream when this happens. Will email you as soooon as I can..Take care..(((huggiesss)))

  7. linniezx10 said:

    You are here in spirit, and that matters most of all!! Ayoba!!!!!

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