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I find that I cannot C&P previously written & saved memoirs into my lovely blog.


Not from word, nor from wordpad.


Is this frustration experienced by other bloggers?


Or, have I missed the tut. on “blogging 10111- how to copy and paste existing text into your blog in order to create a post hassle-free, and safely”?




Suggestions, please


Ciao for now




Comments on: "Frustrating" (10)

  1. uk-wizard said:

    You should be able to – I do most of my blogs in Word,Try using ctrl C and ctrl V to copy n paste.

  2. Killakat said:

    Eish, tried that, the long way and the short way. Must check my computer settings maybe…

  3. bronnie.l said:

    I think mine does it. just keeps asking ‘do you want to allow this website to copy to your clipboard’ or some such like and you have to override it.where ya been dizz?

  4. pinkpolkadot said:

    Hi Dizzy!! Sorry for being so scarce…how are you and the fam?

  5. PaulNicholas said:

    It depends on which platform you are using. Google Chrome requires you to use Ctl V to paste, but I find that Google is better; You can just paste.

  6. PaulNicholas said:

    I see you are in Germany – gone to visit Flower, have you?

  7. bibibapka said:

    Blow a vuvuzela at your computer and maybe then it will work 😀

  8. Killakat said:

    lol! Will try tomorrow!

  9. Killakat said:

    using Mozilla? I don’t know if I spell correctly…

  10. PaulNicholas said:

    I’ve not tried that so can’t answer.

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