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I am sad, I am happy. My stomach’s in a knot. I’m confused. *jah, neh?*




To my Husband


You are sacrificing so much for me. For us.


I am grateful. I am overwhelmed.


I’ve said it before, and you didn’t believe me then. So I’ll say it again. Over and over. Until you do.


You are one in a mil. And I don’t mean to be corny.


It takes a man to sacrifice what you have – your promising career – so I may pursue mine. I admire and respect you immensely. And I am not alone.


I’m sure it’s not always going to be moonshine & roses. We will probably have more downs than ups. But if we continue to love and respect each other, constantly reminding ourselves why we – you, me and our boys – sacrificed so much to go where we’re going, to pursue an opportunity in a lifetime, we will make it.


I know I’ll be grumpy. I know I’ll be bitchy and critical. But I ask you to forgive me now. And I’m not saying I’ll just shoot my mouth off. I’ll try to be more sensitive to your feelings and moods. I’ll set a daily reminder on my calendar, just to be sure…


I cannot imagine what you are going through today, hun. I really feel for you. Thinking of you.


Did I say I was grateful? I truly am.


*lifts glass*


To you. To us.






I am very emotional today. Boo resigned last month in anticipation of our move to Germany. It’s his last day today. 

Have a fabulous weekend


PS: Oh, and I sold my car yesterday, sommer handed the keys to the dealer. No wonder…. 😉


Comments on: "The End of A Chapter" (16)

  1. kevinmatthews said:

    Big ups to both of you. I will have a toast to you both tonight!

  2. pinkpolkadot said:

    I am sure both of you are going to be very happy!!!

  3. davidsdance said:

    Ai Dizzy that is really a man in a million my friend. Kom djy more MOB toe???????? Ik hoop so!Bring somma vir Boo saam dan kan ek vir hom persoonlik se hy is ‘n man in ‘n million – hy het nie dalk ‘n tweeling boet nie het hy?????

  4. avryl said:

    A wonderful tribute to your hubs – keep taking care of each other! Much respect to you both.

  5. forgiven said:

    so nice. Hope all your plans go swimmingly.

  6. linniezx10 said:

    Jirre you horrible woman. Now you have me snot & trane here in front of everybody. You guys are truly lucky to have each other. Love and cherish what you have. Love you lots my C.E.E. A.A. G.P.S. friend. xxx

  7. Blossoms said:

    Wow, I think you two will be together forever!”When you put feeling into the words “Thank you,” you give the words wings.”

  8. Mahesi said:

    Oh Dizz! Everything will work out just fine, you’ll see.

  9. Sundancer said:

    Shame Dizzy, it must be so hard for you and your husband. You have to leave a lot behind but just think of the wonderful future you may have.

  10. kat64 said:

    Strongs to you all. Enjoy! Hugs.

  11. Hopestar said:

    Good luck, I sure everything will work out well. *hugs* x x x

  12. avryl said:

    Hey Dizz, very quiet. Wishing y’all a wonderful Easter weekend!

  13. FleurinFrance said:

    It is not going to be easy but a new exciting chapter is about to begin

  14. priscillaannef said:

    Evidently i’ve missed something being absent from blogland so long. germany!? sounds fab – strongs for the future diz, don’t be a stranger hey!

  15. jeanihess said:

    Ah bless:))

  16. foot loose said:

    I know just how tough it is. You will not regret. Just enjoy each new challenge.

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