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Just a quick one


I was reading about the school stabbing on Jeanius’ blog, and had to relate what happened the other night


We moved to the ‘burbs straight after having the TA. For multiple reasons – we didn’t want our children growing up in a violent society nor being exposed (from a too-young age) to drugs and teen pregnancies and the like. We wanted a better life for them.


We’ve led a relatively peaceful existence. Crime was never an issue, until recently a spate of violent hi-jackings and robberies started occurring. But we have a neighourhood watch. So we weren’t too discomfitted by these happenings. Anyway, naively we thought – it was over the-ere and not too close to home. We were fine.


On Tuesday night over supper, we heard three gunshots way too close for comfort. Having grown up in a township – you KNOW the difference between gunshots and fireworks!


Boo and I looked at each other and froze. The children asked us if it was indeed gunshots, we said (lied) prolly not. The next minute a neighbour phones and confirms our suspicions. It had happened just up the road from us.


Boo was in the car immediately to find out more. What for, I don’t understand. Curiosity, eh?


It was nothing serious. A would-be robber was caught in the act, and promptly shipped off to the police station.


When he got home, the Tween was jittery. “Did you lock the gate? Did you lock the front door?” Yes, his dad says.


I told him not to worry. Explained what had happened. It wasn’t serious and no one was injured. Except for the perp, who was caught anyways.


The next night when I got home (late) he yelled at me for coming home after dark. “There’s criminals out there, Ma. And did you lock the gate?”


He’s been nervous ever since. Not riding his bike after 4 anymore. Not playing outside with the few friends he has anymore.


I am sad for him. He should not be worried about things like this at his age.


Our peaceful existence has been shattered.


Have a fab day, will check in later



Comments on: "When your comfort Zone is Breached" (10)

  1. kat64 said:

    Hell, Dizzy. I’m sorry about this. Hope you have a worry-free weekend.

  2. Aai, that really is sad, sorry Diz.

  3. Mahesi said:

    Sorry to read Dizz, I would be scared too if it is so near. Hope he becomes right again and enjoy playing outside like little boys do.I phoned Dr and I am seeing him @3pm.Have a great weekned Dizz πŸ˜‰

  4. blanket said:

    so sad when kids are frightened 😦

  5. Same shit different day said:

    Crappy Diz, I’m sorry my friend 😦

  6. Mahesi said:

    “Make the circle bigger”, are you talking about JR and HHP song? hehe! if so, hmmm you are so up to date. I only read about it this morning never even heard it before.

  7. linniezx10 said:

    Not nice Dizz! Maybe your plans are not a bad idea after all. Gonna miss you like hell though xxx

  8. Moonz said:

    Was just about to say the same as Lin.I feel as though I’m living in a prison. I’m so glad my girls and grandies are out of here. Now have to get my son out. It’s too scary (Especially when one loses someone in a hijacking.. I’m a mess with the crime here). Glad you’re all ok. HUGS xxx

  9. jeanihess said:

    Ha ha ! Not funny but take him for a short stay in the Townships and he’ll realize how safe he actually is!!

  10. isabel said:

    In a beautiful coutnry like ours this is just plain unfair. *sigh*

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