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Dementia ?????

Evening peeps


Had some time to kill – other than killing a human, or more than one – and just wanted to pop in and mention that I am around.


I lie. I was working. Workaholic I am. They call it dedication. Or madness. Take your pick. Those people don’t deserve me.


Things have been hectic. What with all those humans coming back to work, yet not being all “there”. Know what I mean? You can see the lights are on but no-one’s at home. And you end up at the short end of the stick. Having to make sense of their mutterings, yet you know there’s no way you’re capable of understanding them. Nor they you. Yip. The lift don’t go all the way. I think I might be incoherent too.


Newsflash – don’t ever think our dearest Dept of Home Cock-ups ever know what they’re doing. I’ve heard so many stories over the last week, even I’m starting to believe them. And they become more inventive every day. I have serious doubts that my father ever existed. Or that they even had me. Come to think of it. Do any of us really exist? Or are we merely figments of our own overly active imaginations?


Told you I was losing it.


Yet when they had the kid’s passports ready in two weeks, I thought “WOW. Dit wil mos gedoen word”. I praised them too soon. I think I might lose my marbles or shoot some of them before I do.


Ok. Already lost the marbles.


Other than that I’m just dandy.


Got rid of the psychedelic thingamajik-background. It was fun for a bit. But they were making my head spin. Wonder if Boerseun will still visit?


Still more news, but honestly, can’t think of a single thing.


Oh, at least I know I’m not wanted in connection with any crimes, nor do I have any convictions against my name. This is good to know, right?


Think I need to go doeks.


Sleep tight and have an awesome am.








Comments on: "Dementia ?????" (11)

  1. jeanihess said:

    Ha ha: it is also called addiction:)

  2. Moonz said:

    If you need anything, give me a shout.. will try and help. Hope you got the baggage sorted? 🙂 HUGS dolly xxx Miss you.

  3. bronnie.l said:

    oooh you get the new passports at least, they are very pretty! (but stupid accountant person says they do not fit into the regulated size of most world passports, bursting my bubble.)where you BEEN anyways?

  4. lonely.at.home said:

    I call them the Dept of No Home affairs! By the time they’re finished with you, you can’t even remember if you live somewhere! lol

  5. hutton said:


  6. Mahesi said:

    Hi Dizz, was thinking of you yesterday and I thought you might be busy sorting things out since month end is just around the corner.Are the kids excited about school that side?

  7. santanajewels said:

    I notice the time you posted… I was in lala land .. lol@the quote : The lights are on , but no ones home.. hell yes !! there’s plenty of them here too ..*hugs* dear one

  8. Colonialist said:

    We are figments of our own imaginations, but to have an imagination we must exist, on an ‘I am because I imagine I am’ basis. So that means…

  9. sideview said:

    oh dear, you lost me when you entered the doorss of the dept……

  10. Same shit different day said:

    Thinking of you – luv Wildie 🙂 x

  11. Killakat said:

    lol! It told me the service is unavailable, do you think I should worry?

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