… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

….as opposed to meeting new animals….is down right scary…..you can run from animals you don’t like…but you can’t turn tail and run if you don’t “click” with the click. Knowarrimsaying?


But that was no problem yesterday. My 2nd ever Mini Mob was with Dinx, Linnie & Cilla. What a bunch of lovely girls. And rowdy. Lordy. I thought I was loud. Huh-uh. Had to actually stick up my hand to get a word in edge-wise….Ja ja, you know that’s not true. *winks*


Thanks Dinx, for taking a chance on inviting me to your house. And yes people, I actually can behave 😉


It was absolutely awesome and hope to do this again soon.


Linnie had a lovely gift for us – a cute little mini-cactus. When I walked in with the thing (hah, Linnie calls human babies “things”) my son (the TA) had something to say….


TA: “Who’s is this”

Me: “Mine”

TA: “Who gave it to you”

Me: “One of my blog-friends”

TA: “Does she know what you do to plants”

Me: “Rolling my eyes” YE-ESSssssss. I told her and she’s confident that I won’t kill it”

TA: “She clearly doesn’t know what you’re capable of. I’ll take care of it”


Hrummpppfffffffff!!!! I CAN take care of it. Linnie gave clear instructions. I can read. I must just not forget….


And then Boo arrived. Looked at the plant, and the message and looked at me….“Do you think this one will survive?” …..I was disgusted. I mean REALLY?!?!? I’m not a serial killer!!!!


This will be my personal mission – to keep that thing alive. For as long as humanly possible.


Over and out


Have a super dooper weekend


Comments on: "Meeting New People" (25)

  1. colleen_figg said:

    cuuute re taking care of plant for you!

  2. hutton said:


  3. Mahesi said:

    LOL!! I wish you luck Dizzy, I know for sure that some people are not good with plants that is why I never try, Enjoy yours and worse now that you have to prove to TA that you can keep it alive! hehe

  4. kasper said:

    Happy cactus sitting.Errr, that does not sound quite right!

  5. Same shit different day said:

    lmao – welcome back dearest Diz 🙂 x

  6. Moonz said:

    LOL Kasper… that’s ouch methink! hehehehe

  7. Moonz said:

    Luvya muchly… roll on 2010 and a thriving cactus! heheheHUGS xxx

  8. Killakat said:

    pmsl! Birds of a feather?

  9. Killakat said:

    lol! Leave it to the TA – he needs some punishment…;)

  10. snowdon said:

    Hi Dizz 🙂 Been out of touch re: the blogging world!! Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for popping in! xox

  11. Mahesi said:

    LOL Dizz, a Doula something you ride? hehe!It’s a labour coach/assistant, the lady will be holding my hand helping me to breath, massaging me and all sorts of things to help ease the pains etc. just like a midwife, only that she is not involved in the delivering process.I don’t want to be alone with the Dr and nurses wether I am having normal or c-section.

  12. bronnie.l said:

    quite easy to kill a cactus dizz. i hvae done so twice

  13. bronnie.l said:

    (too much and too little love and they die!)

  14. Killakat said:

    *cackling gleefully* I’m so glad there’s three of us!

  15. jeanihess said:

    Ha ha ha:) May the universe help you and please do not drown the thing!!

  16. algoabay said:

    Thanks for the visit, battling a bit after the back operation. Not allowed to sit yet, makes it difficult to blog. Hope to be 100% soon:-)

  17. santanajewels said:

    glad you had a good time dear one… *huge hugs* have a super evening 🙂

  18. Colonialist said:

    A natural law I have discovered – MOBs involving female bloggers are just naturally rowdy affairs. Men have to shut up and look decorative.If you don’t get pricked by that cactus it means it likes you, so then look after it.

  19. Blossoms said:

    Hi Hon, Just follow Linnies instructions and all will be well. Hugs.

  20. lonely.at.home said:

    Hellloooo my beautiful new friendy! :)Ag man, of course you will keep the cactus alive, me has total confidence in you! *winks*Hope to see you soon again.(((hugs)))

  21. lonely.at.home said:

    ps: please space me your email addy so that I can send you some pics…See, I told you I have a memory like a sieve!! lol

  22. linniezx10 said:

    Bwhahaha. Have you hugged your cactus lately?? Hugs xxx

  23. Killakat said:

    lmao! The babe asked me yesterday have I watered the thing yet. I must mos wait until wednesday, right? he didn’t believe mepffft. this is HARD work!

  24. lumans said:

    True, I have yet to hear of a mob, involving females that are not a rowdy affair.

  25. Mahesi said:

    You are still calling it a thing? haha! Enjoy IT while it’s still alive 😛 😉

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