… a little bit of this, that and a lot more



Yohoo, Blog Peeps. Ich bin terug. Hierso. Here. *waves hectically*


Sorry. No funny or remotely interesting stories to relate.


Okay, there just might be one or 10, but my brains are frazzled, so there will be no witty reports of freezing my lungs off at Plett beach. Or making eyes at some hot (teenaged) hunk. Na-uh! Not today.


Need some time to gather my scattered brains. What’s left of it anyways. And it ain’t got none to do with that penguin either!


So here’s just a tiny summary of how the hols went. Enjoy!!


And I didn’t miss ya’ll one itty bitty bit! *winks*






Some pic’s



En Route….





Knysna Heads…





Leisure Island from up Thee-ere….Stunning








Catch you laters!!


Comments on: "FanFlippenTastic" (24)

  1. Mahesi said:

    LOL! Ayobanes? you now have the merry spirit! great stuff, glad you enjoyed 😉

  2. kevinmatthews said:


  3. Tmzee said:

    looks lekker!!hope you enjoyed it

  4. bronnie.l said:

    didya have fun? how is effie?does boo like effie?

  5. jeanihess said:

    Ok…so it was happy….and daring////and beautiful;sharing only the beautiful?

  6. kasper said:

    SighHoliday…Sounds WUNDERBAR!

  7. santanajewels said:

    missed you stacks !!!!

  8. Blossoms said:

    Wow it sounds like you had a great time in my favorite place. Welcome back.

  9. hutton said:


  10. linniezx10 said:

    Yippeeeeeee! Dizzy is back!!! *Linnie waves frantically* One more sleep oh Crazy One!

  11. Killakat said:

    lol! As in Frizzy Dizzy?!

  12. Killakat said:

    Are you back too?

  13. Killakat said:

    Now only a few hours, neh? Mwah!

  14. Killakat said:


  15. Killakat said:

    Me brag? Never *winks*

  16. Killakat said:

    Hey Jeanie-babes, I didn’t take pictures of the less-than-beautiful, like the squatter camps on the way to Plet. The dry rivers, etc. I don’t want to depress you guys 😉

  17. Killakat said:

    Boo’s scared of Effie. So he has to like her. Or else…

  18. avryl said:


  19. kevinmatthews said:

    I wish you safety and happiness over this period of unproductiveness!

  20. Moonz said:

    LOL you two… luv julle both, muchly. HUGS xxx

  21. Moonz said:

    Love these pictures!!! Fortunately I came to check up… never got round to asking too much about your holiday (I’m a bad friend.. sorry! LOL)HUGS xxx

  22. Killakat said:

    lol! Noticed that one, huh? These darn teeny boppers….

  23. Colonialist said:

    That has got to be one of the most beautiful bits of world EVER! It’ll never be my home again, but I still think of it as that.

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