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Pointing Fingers


This morning I was nearly involved in a bumper-bashing on this horrid N1 highway. Very, very nearly. I could see this guy’s stubble, I was so close to him.


And why? Coz’ he insisted on taking the wee gap I had in front of me. And before taking it, didn’t notice that the cars in front had come to a dead-stop. As in going-nowhere-dead-still.


So there was a screech of about 7 sets of tyres as we desperately tried not to ram into each other.


Do*s hit the guy in front of him, who hit someone else in front of him.


The rest of us were just fine and went our merry ways.


But I was shaking from head to toe. Waayyyy too close for comfort!!


I’ve calmed down thank you. No need for versterk-druppels! 😉


Then I get this email concerning the children of a couple who died in a car crash a few weeks ago (Meintjies? Anyone recall?). Apparently the culprit was drinking & driving. Apparently.


There were empty bottles of alcohol found in his car. But whether he was drunk, has not been confirmed. Innocent until proven guilty, right?


The fact is, 3 children are orphans because some idiot was reckless, and impatient, and couldn’t stand being caught behind traffic. And he was possibly drunk.


Is there a point to all of this? I promise, there is


In one of the articles, someone says “government has failed these kids


Uhm. I don’t necessarily agree.


There are warnings and legislation –



…Drink & Drive.

…Exceed the speed limit

…Overtake on a bend

…Overtake on a solid line

…Drive un-roadworthy vehicles


If you’ve got a license, surely you know this?


If you’ve crooked to get your license, I hope the coppers catch up with you soon!


So, what more must government do? Can they do more?


We get upset when we are stopped at a road-block. Why? Aren’t we supposed to be happy that the coppers are doing their jobs in getting these menaces off the road?


And do we not have a responsibility too?


We get behind our steering wheels, knowing our tyres need to be changed. Or the brakes need to be replaced.


Knowing we’ve had a few too many.


We are impatient, we hate being caught in traffic. We drive too fast coz’ we’re late picking up the kids, late for a function.


We leave our friends to drive drunk.


The smallest lapse in judgment could have dire consequences.


Surely we know this already?


Yet we look for someone else to blame when things go horribly wrong.


Should we not start with ourselves? Make sure we are being responsible drivers?


I am also to be blamed. I’m impatient. I love to drive fast.


I also know that if I wasn’t at a lower speed this morning…things might have ended differently


I needed that wake-up call.


Do you still need one?




Comments on: "Pointing Fingers" (21)

  1. caprice said:

    Totally agree with you on this one

  2. bronnie.l said:

    dizz. you can be stone cold sober and just stupid and unobservant. you know how many times usually women in big cars here have almost run me off the road in stationary traffic and men in small penis cars have done so zooming within an inch of me on my bike in moving traffic? there is no excuse…

  3. Tmzee said:

    Gr8 post…the person who talked about the goverment,what was it suppose to do,drive the car?

  4. RyanQ said:

    The most important thing, in my humble opinion, and this is confirmed by Johan van Baagens defensive driving course, is to use common sense on the road, it’s fine to drive fast, if conditions allow, if the road is full of cars and as slippery as a timeshare salesman then driving fast is jsut stupid, but if there are no other cars on the road, it’s as straight as George W Bush and the light is good, then going fast isn’t dangerous… Long story short, common sense is key, although altogether too rare…

  5. kat64 said:

    Absolutely right on the nail.

  6. linniezx10 said:

    Great post Dizz. Glad you are ok. Hugs xxx

  7. pinkpolkadot said:

    Excellent post, Dizzy!! Very true!

  8. zitaatterbury said:

    Howz it Diz, You always find this lunitics on the road causing accidents. What they unfortunately need is a wake up call and then it might be to late.

  9. zitaatterbury said:

    Excellent post by the way;-)

  10. Rockybaby said:

    I am repeating here – GREAT post!And I fully agree.

  11. Killakat said:

    in other words, we can only drive like lunatics @ kyalami & swartkops? ;)lol @ slippery salesmen

  12. Killakat said:

    well, if all else fails, government is a good scapegoat, right?

  13. Killakat said:

    lol @ small penis cars! convertibles, right?

  14. Killakat said:

    precisely! if he had just stayed where he was…

  15. Tmzee said:

    Growing up i though “government” was a person at the rate people were going on about him,LOL

  16. Killakat said:

    Oh dear!! lmao!!

  17. Mahesi said:

    Me three, Great post Dizz.LOL @ TMzee, I also grew up thinking goverment is a person LOL!

  18. sideview said:

    we all need the wakeup now and then

  19. Same shit different day said:

    And again – great post Dizzy 🙂

  20. jeanihess said:

    Stay safe Dizzy:some drivers just do not care!!

  21. Moonz said:

    The mind boggles! 😦

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