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Friday Ramblings

Mornings ya’ll. Hope you had a good eve. Mine kicked off rather nicely, thanks to Luscious One and the goings on in that lounge. Sjoe πŸ˜‰


Some randomness. I’m not yet feeling the Friday vibes.



New Bossman

I’ve got a new Bossman. I’ve yet to find a name for him. NB sounds insipid.


He’s just lovely. Witty. Sharp. Fair (so far). And doesn’t micromanage. He leaves his staff to do what they’re employed to do.


So KK is out. Shame. I feel for him. NOT!! Hell NO I don’t. As jy kak is gaan jy kak kry!


This is the 4th time he’s been by-passed for promotion. And he’s got one less employee reporting to him (moi). Karma’s a fucking bitch. If you’re gonna be an asshole….this be the way she come back at you!


New Boss of Bosses

Whoohoo. The guy is HAWT. Got the bod. The look. Youngish (early 40’s). But alas, for the other gals, yes.


He’s just not my type. Fluckit. So much for fun in the boardroom, eh?



I was asked to ID a 2Ic for moi – in the event of leave, illness, any absence. Not good to have no back-up, right? But great to be the only one with specific/rare skills, neh? *grins wickedly*


Seeing that there aren’t that many women in IT PM, I nominated someone I thought had the gumption and hunger for it. Excellent choice the NM said.


Yesterday Colleague 3 (a man) walks up to me and says “Bossman spoke to me about being your 2Ic, when can we start the process?”  WTF? What happened to empowerment? And did that specific memo get lost in the post? Whoo…


On the other hand, I guess he knows her limitations and possibilities better than I do. So….



Says he needs more love from me. He’s not feeling the love. Or appreciated. At freaking 06:34 in the morning? Yah right I’m going to make you feel all that!!


Seriously. I need to put in more effort with him.



Out of 102 (ok I exaggerate) people who’s seen the new ‘do, only ONE person don’t like it. WTF’s up with that? Is she freaking crazee?


It just happens to be my very own sister. How odd is that?



Why do people not READ and LISTEN when one communicates? And why do they INSIST on repeating themselves? Fuck


I communicate (or believe I do) quite well. I put in extra effort coz’ I hate being bugged for the same thing UMPTEEN times. Put myself in the user’s position. Explain clearly, give step by step instructions. Yet they still fail MISERABLY in interpreting what I’ve told them?


You know what’s the bigger joke – there’s even a HOW 2 guide to assist them with ANY queries. And this is in ADDITION to the HELP file on the web. I guess it’s too fekking difficult to actually open and read it, right? Why do I bother?!


Shall I start speaking martian? Fuck x 40


Traffic the past 3 days




Have a good one, neh?


Comments on: "Friday Ramblings" (22)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    Looks like you got a lot going on Diz!! Good luck with Boo and congrats on the bosses!!Have a good one πŸ™‚

  2. hutton said:


  3. algoabay said:

    Have a great weekend!:-)

  4. davidsdance said:

    Bossman – good show – pity not eye candy for you?Your Man – oops – maybe spoil him tonight!I find people do not use their initiative at all any more – it is to easy to ask someone esle – whether you are disturbing them or not means nada!Have a lekker weekend Diz!

  5. bronnie.l said:

    stop drooling over the boss, even if he isn’t ‘for you’ and go work!

  6. SuperIQ said:

    New boss – nice, your man – not so nice? Re-direct your interests πŸ˜‰

  7. If you need the Friday vibes, just have a tequila!

  8. kat64 said:

    The traffic has been an absolute bitch this week. I’m blaming the roadworks on Witkoppen for our area snarl ups.

  9. Sundancer said:

    Have a good weekend Dizzy.

  10. optout said:

    Hi Dizzy, got a bit confused with all your bosses. Share your frustration with people who don’t listen or read properly, or who reply to an email only answering one of 3 or 4 questions in it. Does make me wonder how they got the jobs they did?

  11. hemmingway said:

    herehave a drink… infact have a double and another… because you deserve it damnit! hahaah hug and hugs

  12. Napier said:

    Time for the week end and a merlot.Have a good one.loved your previous post πŸ˜‰

  13. Rockybaby said:

    Sjoe, sounds rather complicated at work…Have a Merlot or two and grab yourself a good weekend.

  14. linniezx10 said:

    Hey Dizz, sorry, what did you say? LOL! *Linnie ducks for cover*

  15. Colonialist said:

    *brightly* I gather you have some level of frustration?

  16. NARITHA said:


  17. Moonz said:

    Love the conversation you had with TA LOL Shame.. heheheTrouble with most ppl is they don’t like to read.. they’re all scared to ask me anything any more..I tell’em to RTFM. I get very p’d off with lazy minds. YOu having a good rest this weekend I hope? HUGS

  18. pinkpolkadot said:

    I hope you had an excellent weekend!!! Ignore sis’s dislike of the new “do”!

  19. net myself said:

    yikes dizzy, hope this week will have fewer F words in it.

  20. Same shit different day said:

    Catching up dearest Dizz – hope you’re having a fabulous week MWAH πŸ™‚ x

  21. bronnie.l said:

    where you get to dizzy?

  22. santanajewels said:

    *hugs* hon …

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