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Wanna Play?

Thanks for the encouragement, views, opinions, feedback to yesterday’s post. I am still angry and I am very sad. And I know no-one has the answers, but ….


Yesterday we lost a very young family member. I will not go further into details, hoping & wanting to protect the family.


So to take my mind off this, I went looking for … anything that could take my mind off things


A friend (a kak one, coz only a kak friend will send me chain mails) sent me a kak mail, which of course I sommer went to verify on Hoax Slayer. Not that I needed to. And I sent her a kak reply. Don’t waste my time with shite!


And came upon this feel good story & pics. A polar bear and huskies getting all cozy. You’ve prolly seen it before. But I’m posting it coz’ it (the polar bear) gave me warm & fuzzies.


C&P from Hoax-Slayer…..

Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing’s Striking images of a wild polar bear Playing with sled dogs in the wilds Of Canada’s Hudson Bay.

The photographer was sure that he was going To see the end of his huskies when the polar bear Materialized out of the blue, as it were:


From a tentative “whoo, he’s coming this way” …



to a friendly “hello big man”…


….I jus’wanna gets to know you


….and tickles you


How about a HUGZ???


Scratch your tummy?


The photographs are genuine and were taken by renowned German wildlife photographer, Norbert Rosing. Rosing has become well known for his remarkable photographs of polar bears of the Canadian Arctic and has visited the region a number of times.




Seems we’re not the only ones who like to play with big things…


But seriously, just imagine, if animals can do it – get along with each other regardless of size, age, race, where they are in the foodchain – surely we can too?


Comments on: "Wanna Play?" (19)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Diz,I’m so sorry to hear that!! Losing a loved one is never easy – losing a child is not something I could even begin to imagine!! My thoughts are with all of you!!!

  2. Fionula said:

    Hugs…. Personal loss is so hard to try get your head around. Just know that you are supported and thought of constantly.

  3. Angelor said:

    Hello Dizzy, so terribly sorry about your loss,.. and absolutely lovely pics..

  4. kat64 said:

    The pics are beautiful.Strongs, Dizzy.Hugs.

  5. optout said:

    Brilliant pics, nature could teach us humans a thing or two about getting along with each other!Just caught up with your blog, so sorry about your loss ((Hugs)) Wishing you and the family loads of strength in this difficult time.

  6. JoDay said:

    Hugs, darlin’. 🙂 xxx

  7. bronnie.l said:

    (big hug) you know what humanity is like Dizzy, esp in SA… but we also have the most amazing people too to make up for it. focus on that, I know it’s hard.

  8. algoabay said:

    In a second life maybe.I think at times we are to selfish, self centered and distrusting to reach out.Lovely pictures, thank you!;-)

  9. Rockybaby said:

    I don’t know how come life is so cruel at times. My condolences on lossing the young family member. Hugs for you and wishing you strength in this sad time.

  10. hemmingway said:

    hey bliksem here is a big fat hug cuase I missed you and naother to make you feel better…

  11. hutton said:

    But if the bear was hungry he would have ripped the dogs apart

  12. Mahesi said:

    Sorry about your loss Dizzy, so young :(Lovely pic’s.

  13. santanajewels said:

    beautiful photos hon… I watch my animals play often … it takes away my moodiness ..*hugs*

  14. Colonialist said:

    That is a really BIG fuzzy one! (imagine maximum font) AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  15. linniezx10 said:

    Hugs my friend. xxx

  16. NARITHA said:

    Big Beertjie ((((HUGS))))

  17. Zeelia said:

    Beautiful images and yes we can get along if we only care and try hard enough…

  18. Napier said:

    hi Dizzy, am so sorry for you and the family.Pleased I came to your post for the feel good story and pics. We can learn so much from animals, if only we would bloody well open our eyes and listenHugs dizzy

  19. pinkpolkadot said:

    …I am sooo sorry to hear about the sad news, dear Dizzy!!The polar bear and huskies photos are stunning!!

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