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It’s a tad late. Who cares if it’s a tad late?! I have nothing witty or intelligent to contribute today, so why not speak about my first and only love?


Grapes – An Ode


As green as grass

Or red as sin

Even purple will pass


Lusciously succulent

Fresh is divine

Raisin’s, currants and sultana’s too


But fermented

Speaks to my soul

(And my knees)

(Probably the legs too)

My love, my mate, you won’t let me down




Cabernet Sauvignon


As long as it’s dry, so I can drink it (snigger)


Oh my dearest closest, and most loving friend


I could never live without you! I shan’t even try!


YOH, I know that’s excruciatingly bad, you’re probably speechless right now, but it’s better than me giving you an arb rendition of my boring weekend, right?


Have a good one!


Comments on: "Wozzel’s Ode to Fruit Challenge" (41)

  1. Sylvia.Brouwer said:

    I Love your Ode to Grapes (at least it wasn’t the Wrath of Grapes) and I couldn’t agree more…enjoy the day chick! 🙂

  2. kevinmatthews said:


  3. Rockybaby said:

    Now tell us about your weekend please.Cheers

  4. algoabay said:

    The weekend?Cheers to a good week for you;-)

  5. linniezx10 said:

    I’ll drink to that. Cheers Dizzy!!!

  6. Mahesi said:

    Lovely Dizzy!There is never a dull moment with you, i bet the weekend is nowhere near boring ;-)Enjoy the rest of your day Diz

  7. isabel said:

    Heh heh. This is very cute Dizzy. I feel the same about wine.Happy belated birthday to your son. Lovely letter you wrote to him.Had to laugh at your comment on my blog. Jissie that would have been one heck of a vegetarian meal 🙂

  8. bronwyntivers said:

    Brilliant Diz!! Far better than I could hope to produce!!Have a good one 🙂

  9. one-eye-only said:

    There is no point in a grape that can’t be poured out of a wine-shaped bottle, really.

  10. ThatOke said:

    I like it – your blog that is. Grapes are ok, must be seedless though

  11. bambina said:

    🙂 have a wonderful evening!

  12. bambina said:


  13. Killakat said:

    lol 2!!

  14. lonelykitty said:

    I’m dying for a glass of Merlot now, so… uh… I guess it wasn’t THAT bad :)kidding! I just always lus for a glass of wine… hahaha hugs 🙂

  15. wozzie said:

    But fermentedSpeaks to my soul(And my knees)(Probably the legs too)I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. bronnie.l said:

    oooh sultanas and red wine! red red wiiiiinneee!!

  17. priscillaannef said:

    Sorry I haven’t been round here for a while Diz, am still playing catch up…

  18. priscillaannef said:

    Oh Simon, you hit the nail right on the head there…

  19. Same shit different day said:

    Morning 🙂 xx

  20. hemmingway said:

    I feel hungry now… and somw how I don’t think this was the intention

  21. JournoJen said:

    HEAR HEAR for the beautiful pickled grape!

  22. Killakat said:

    hahaha! Nope, that was most def not the intention. A drink rather? 😉

  23. Killakat said:

    Mwah! sommer just 😉

  24. Killakat said:

    UB40? I never can remember ….

  25. Killakat said:

    Teehee. Boo does too. Always buys. 😉

  26. Killakat said:

    I always lus for one too…;)

  27. Killakat said:

    Tjorts, Linnie!!

  28. Killakat said:

    “No palm tree was damaged…” lol

  29. Killakat said:

    Anything but!! It makes me drunk. And then I regret things 😉

  30. pinkpolkadot said:

    Wow, Dizzy…I am speechless!!! I love this!!!

  31. Colonialist said:

    This is grape, really grape! De vine, in fact!

  32. DjinnDeamon said:

    What a great poem, damn now I want grapes, excuse me 🙂

  33. Killakat said:

    *blushes deep purple*Thanks so much!

  34. Killakat said:

    lol! De-vine!!!

  35. Killakat said:

    Bring vi’ my ok! 😉

  36. DjinnDeamon said:

    Drie bottles behoort te hou to na werk, watse wyn soek jy?

  37. Killakat said:

    Merlot of PinotageHoe rooier, hoe mooier?En hoeko’ praat ek dan nou die taal met jou?Oh sorry, I started it 😉

  38. DjinnDeamon said:

    Maar die taal is so pragtigO two good ones, ok ok, now what is your favroute “brand”Liaake die die hoe rooier hoe mooier een

  39. Killakat said:

    Oe jirrie, I have no faves…surprise me 😉

  40. DjinnDeamon said:

    ok a bit cheap but a great wine; we will start with a Beyerskloof Pintoge(2003) to shape the pallet en then move on to a Blaaunklippen merlot (2008) so that we can wash the stroger pinotage away in a see of bliss 🙂

  41. Killakat said:

    lol! Jirrie, you are Mr Smooth Operator! I’ll give you 7.5/10 for that ;)Excellent choices though.I’m off, chat tomorrow

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