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Toy Boys 101

Excuse me for being dof, guys and girls.


I just stumbled across this article on Women24. Apparently Kirsten Dunst (27) is dating a toy boy (22). WOW. He’s a full FIVE YEARS YOUNGER than her.


The humungous age gap seems to be a problem for celebworld or gossipworld or whatever world these things tend to be issues in. Seriously?!?!



“Kirsten met a cute, young, guy at a bar in Oxford, Mississippi, and they partied together and had a hot little hook-up. She invited him back to her hotel and even took him out for breakfast in the morning. She was having a good time, and she likes younger guys.”


Err…..hold on to your horsies….

  • I thought you needed to be OLDER than 27 (have to be very pc here, I don’t want fellow 30-sumthings baying for my blood!)  to be able to have a toy boy?


  • In my humble opinion (I don’t know much about this kind of thing, okay?) the cut-off age to qualify as a toy boy is a decade. Younger than you. Or not? Am I delusional? So that means someone 3 years younger than me will also qualify as a toy boy? Huhuh. Don’t think so! (not that I want a toy-boy, okay?)


  • Who really gives a flying f*ck who she’s dating and how old he is? Seriously?!


So what if she’s dating a younger guy? So what if she likes younger guys? Even her mother can’t say anything coz’ Kirsten’s old enough.


Then why is this (Kirsten) and her hottie an issue? Why was Demi and her Ashton an issue? Are people just envious? Do these columnists secretly want Kirsten & Demi’s guys? Or do they just want younger guys? They are probably very depraved, eh? (whoo…)


Why do people fixate on crap like that? Why is it an issue? To me it’s only an issue when your wobbly bits are not near as toight & lovely as his wobbly bits are, right. Because the rumpty-tumpty’s going to be a bit of a challenge, hey? And if the spyker(ing) becomes a problem….then there’s a problem. Again, that’s just my opinion.


My friend had a toy boy. The age gap was 16 years. When she told me about it, my first words were: WTF?! Are you going through a bloody midlife crises? She wasn’t impressed with me. Needless to say, it didn’t last past six months. Afterwards she admitted it was just the sex. It was HAWT. My mind still boggles at her stories.


The question is this – just in case you weren’t sure – when exactly does a younger man qualify as being a toy boy? And why would you want a younger man anyways? To me they are just too much trouble. And effort. Again, that’s just me…


Comments on: "Toy Boys 101" (93)

  1. Killakat said:

    Whoo, will tell Effie that titbit. Sure she’d like to hear that piece of info πŸ˜‰

  2. DjinnDeamon said:

    whats wrong to admire the women that brought you into this world and took care of you when there was no ells?lol πŸ˜‰

  3. Killakat said:

    @ Kimme – more like hot flushes? lol

  4. Killakat said:

    @ Djinn – Nuffink?! Who said there was anything wrong with being a Momma’s boy?!Methinks you have something to fess old boy ;P

  5. Killakat said:

    Ok. I’ll get you drunk one day….lol

  6. DjinnDeamon said:

    LOL, nah nothing to confess, but I do love me mam, but then again I love most things in life πŸ™‚

  7. DjinnDeamon said:

    @kimme jip I am very young, not even at a quater century jet.

  8. Killakat said:

    O vader!! Effie gaan jou opvreet!!!Yip. You qualify as a TB! lol

  9. Killakat said:

    We’d better organise sumthing!! Send me a PM wif details. We’ll do a mini MOB. Or will it qualify as a mega MOB because of my age? Who gives a damn?! lol

  10. DjinnDeamon said:


  11. Killakat said:


  12. Killakat said:

    lmao!! I’d also be worried if I were you *snort, snigger*

  13. Killakat said:

    PS: We’ll invite Djinn & Effie too, neh? Some sports…

  14. DjinnDeamon said:

    *clicking shoes toghether quickly* there is no place like home, there is no place like home πŸ˜‰

  15. DjinnDeamon said:

    Hey I try, just because you cant see my glowing green eyes that will sway you πŸ™‚

  16. DjinnDeamon said:

    Dont you wish I would πŸ™‚ i was hopping for effie to come,LOL

  17. Rockybaby said:

    Younger men are too much trouble and too much effort – I fully agree on that one. My husband is 13 years older than me. Am I a toy girl by any chance? Don’t think so!

  18. Same shit different day said:

    I agree – the younger they are the more training they need πŸ˜‰ x

  19. foot loose said:

    My friend had a toyboy Age difference +- 15 years. He adored her. She drove him away with her insecurity – fool! (But it did last 4-5 years)

  20. linniezx10 said:

    Hey Dizzzzz. I doubt if 3-5 years age difference qualifies you as a cougar. An alleycat maybe? LOL

  21. Colonialist said:

    That is obviously some desperate journalist/s trying to find an angle to sell articles. Trying to make an issue out of a five-year difference wouldn’t have worked – but by bringing in the toy-boy idea, suddenly you have NEWS! Journalists assume that most people read their stuff with brains on idle or standby. Often they are right! 52 – 22? Now, THAT would be a toyboy.

  22. ishouldbeworking said:

    Ha ha, my current is 23, i’m 28 – I’m a sugarmommy! whoop whoop πŸ™‚

  23. Killakat said:

    LOL! But see, this is part of the problem – it seems OK for a man to have a spring chicken by his side, but a woman gets frowned on? Hypocritical if you ask me….xxx

  24. Dark Angel said:

    I have gone out with people older then me and younger (5 years younger) and can honestly say it depends on the people involved. The one “toyboy” was one of the most together, mature people I have ever met and I think if yours truly hadn’t messed up big time, we would still be together.Though I do think that 20 years either way is pushing it! :0)

  25. Killakat said:

    LMAO @ the two of you. Having fun, hey?Djinn – Effie already told you she’s yours foreva & EVA, if I’m not mistaken?Kimme – ai girl, can’t win ’em all, eh? lol

  26. Killakat said:

    I was thinking about that – and you’re right, feelings don’t care about age, nor does it heed whether the time is right or now…xoxo

  27. Killakat said:

    LMAO!! @ 24 he’s too old? Hell, you must be a foetus!!

  28. Killakat said:

    LOL! Strange that none of the young ones have denied this yet?! So it must be true then, eh?

  29. Killakat said:

    And that’s the flip side – if you have hang ups, the chances are it will increase tenfold having a TB by your side….always watching him like a hawk Pity it didn’t work out for themxxx

  30. Killakat said:

    LMAO! I’d rather be a tigress then! πŸ˜‰

  31. Killakat said:

    These guys are so desperate, tehy make issues from nothing! And there are people out there who fall for this mindless sensationalism!Eish. 52 – 22? As long as his insurance is paid up! lol

  32. Killakat said:

    5 Years is nothing. You’re still ok! Cougar? lol

  33. Killakat said:

    So it does ultimately depend on the people involved. Like Jo said – and I agree with her (now) – age does not (and should not) matter at all. xxx

  34. linniezx10 said:

    You GO girl!!

  35. Killakat said:


  36. Govenddy said:

    Yeah – I think Madonna’s new beau can qualify as a toy boy – I mean she is 51 and he is 22 (huge gaping age gap there (almost as big as the big hole in Kimberly))

  37. DjinnDeamon said:

    Wow ok Im lost, completly, I knew I should have turned east at the big yellow thing πŸ™‚

  38. Killakat said:

    I thought it was blue? Hell, you ARE drunk πŸ˜‰

  39. Killakat said:

    And she’s as strong (and looks like) a horse. She ain’t going anywhere soon (ie. kick the bucket so he can claim insurance)Hell, that was cynical, hey? lol

  40. Killakat said:

    LOL @ Kimberly hole? The mind boggles….

  41. hutton said:


  42. DjinnDeamon said:

    Maybe just a tad…ahh my head is wozzy

  43. colleen_figg said:

    agreed who gives a fuck who she knobs and how old he is…

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