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This is something that’s really been bugging me for a while. I’ve encountered it in a few novels (not the Mills & Boon types, mind you) and still struggle to wrap my mind around it.

Apparently, there are people who scream when they reach the “fyndraai” (climax). Really? Why?

Does one have to sound-proof your house if you’re gonna do this? Do they have kids?

The mind boggles


Comments on: "Seriously?!" (56)

  1. Killakat said:

    Absolutely right! G’morning Tweak, had a quiet eve, did you? 😉

  2. Killakat said:

    Loud ;)PS: was that bad? oops

  3. Killakat said:

    LMAO! NOW who’s fishing, eh? Nope, things are generally loud in my household 😉

  4. Killakat said:

    ROTFLMAO! I’m into fly fishing as well…That was a classic, Tweak! Well done!

  5. Killakat said:

    and I’m still giggling!

  6. JournoJen said:

    Well…imagine what a meelsakkie would sound like if you hit it against a cupboard. It would give this empty, quiet noise. ANd you can also imagine what the silent types look like…a meelsakkie rigidly bouncing up and down…OK perhaps this is getting too explicit. Surely you understand now?! 🙂

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