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I almost forgot that I wanted your esteemed opinion on something else. 

The teenager comes to me last night complaining about this one teacher. He had some issues with her last year, but after a visit with her, I think we reached an agreement and had no further problems with the two of them.

This year, no issues reported yet. But he tells me this story. She offers History to the Grade 9’s.

They were speaking about the 2009 elections and the voting process and how it works. She told a story to illustrate, the story goes like this:

“If animals are called to vote, they first elect their representatives, being a lion, and a cockroach. If there are more cockroaches in the world, they will vote for the cockroach, and that’s how cockroaches stay into power”. Cockroaches are insects, not animals. Where do they fit in this anomaly? And do you get what she is alluding to here, or am I reading too much into this?

Another one. His class is predominantly black, comprising of only one white chap, and two coloured chaps (TA included). She says she dislikes everyone except xxx (the white chap). And they (the class) can maar draw their own conclusions why. TA thought it ridiculous. Do you see a problem here too?

Am I right to jump to conclusions, or am I just overly sensitive?


Comments on: "Rolling up My Sleeves" (33)

  1. armadillo said:

    you could draw conclusions….i don’t know that i’d feel comfortable doing so until i observed the teacher for myself.

  2. JournoJen said:

    It sounds a bit dodgy yes and the statements could easily be interpretated as something bad. I am just shocked she thinks cockroaches are animals and not insects LOL.

  3. davidsdance said:

    Sensitive no, conclusions – oh hell yes. Sorry but that smacks racism no matter which way you look at it!!

  4. bronwyntivers said:

    You’d probably never be able to prove that the stupid woman is so obviously racist. But nevertheless, she should not be making statements telling the class that she dislikes them – it’s demotivating. And her so-called explanation of the elections is completely wrong – again, you’ll never be able to prove anything along racist lines – but telling the kids that people only vote for their ‘own kind’ is wrong!!I’d go and sort her out – in fact, i’d go straight to the headmaster and make a big noise!!

  5. noahsark said:

    If it was just the cockroach thing, I might have said you were oversensitive BUT as for her other remark! WTF?! Put the 2 together and it is starting to sound very dodgy.If she wants to teach a whites only class, she must move to Orania.

  6. Same shit different day said:

    Dodgy delux – I would be in there to complain like a shot except might she not end up picking on your boy ?

  7. Killakat said:

    Seeing that I met her once, I have some insight. And yes, I must say that I cannot put this past her….

  8. Killakat said:

    Exactly!! When I mentioned this to TA he’s like “Ma, now’s not the time to dissect stuff” lol!

  9. Killakat said:

    Thanks hun, good to get other opinions as we are sometimes too close to the problemx

  10. Killakat said:

    I thought of asking some of the classmates if this is true, then rallying the parents to resolve this with the principal & teacher?

  11. Killakat said:

    LOL @ you. That’s what I thought as wellxx

  12. Killakat said:

    This is the one thing I am afraid of, so I thought of doing this via the principal, and maybe getting some other parents involved. Organise a protest so to speak 😉

  13. Sundancer said:

    I would also be reading a lot into it. I would complain!!

  14. Killakat said:

    Thanks S, you know what upset me though, Boo thinks I’m overreacting?! Go figure….

  15. Killakat said:

    One has to be reasonably sure before taking action….thank you!!

  16. Colonialist said:

    I must admit that I quite like the analogy – but not for a classroom! The other remark was certainly inappropriate. I think she needs a friendly warning to guard against such remarks.

  17. Killakat said:

    It definitely does not belong in a classroom. Impressionable minds and all that….so I can’t kick her ass? lol

  18. Bek n Call Girl said:

    My comment got too long for this I am going to blog about it, hope I know how to tag you xxx

  19. kasper said:

    Bloody hell.Think your instincts are spot on, Dizzy.Problem, as others have also said, is victimisation. And know what, she bargains on that.Cow.

  20. half-pint said:

    Seriously dodgy :(~xx~

  21. bronnie.l said:

    what if the cockroaches all thought they were lions deep down? Seriously wierd teacher with serious issues.

  22. shongololo said:

    I think she might be overcompensating to “kruip gat” with her black students. She’s going about it the wrong way in my opinion.

  23. glyofbly said:

    Teenager will have to deal with people with issues all his grown up life. Given that he is already a teenager he should be able to decide for himself what is right, wrong and what to just vee his gat af aan.Just ignore it. Life is full of idiots. Taking action to prohibit them from doing one idiotic thing will not make them less idiotic.:-)

  24. Sivuyisiwe said:

    It sounds like these statements have another meaning than the face value meaning.

  25. priscillaannef said:

    I’m with Cin – It’s what’s not being said that is being heard the loudest.BTW – I love the new avatar 🙂

  26. isabel said:

    Woah!!! Go see the Head immediately!

  27. Killakat said:

    Thanks doll 😉

  28. Killakat said:

    It seems you and the teacher are related?

  29. Killakat said:

    I’m not too sure about that, but you might be right

  30. Killakat said:

    I’m hoping to get some more parents involved. In any case, I believe it’s the principal’s responsibility to take our issues up with herxx

  31. Killakat said:

    The more I hear of this woman, the more I think so too…

  32. Killakat said:

    I think he did just that, hence he spoke to me about it. Some things you should ignore, some you shouldn’t …

  33. Killakat said:

    Yip. think so tooxx

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