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Ego Maniac ;-)

For the ones who might not have believed me when I told you IT Guy was distracting me yesterday, here’s transcript of our IM conversation…..rather long, but something to keep you busy over tea or coffee….hope you find it as funny as I did….

Dizzy [11:56 AM]:
hi, were you able to check that problem out? ref X
IT Guy [12:05 PM]:
i was too busy brushing my hair
Dizzy [12:11 PM]:
Seriously? that long?
IT Guy [12:11 PM]:
hair isnt short either
Dizzy [12:17 PM]:
i know, this is why i’m confused?!
IT Guy [12:18 PM]:
i was making a dirty joke
Dizzy [12:21 PM]:
I know, i tried very much not to respond to it. Did you notice?
IT Guy [12:22 PM]:
i just assumed you were playing hard to get by not replying har har
Dizzy [12:23 PM]:
i am hard to get, i don’t play
IT Guy [12:24 PM]:
is that so
Dizzy [12:25 PM]:
i said it, didn’t i?
IT Guy [12:25 PM]:
yes you did
Dizzy [12:26 PM]:
if i had to fall for every line from every flirty guy around here, my knees would be shot to hell
IT Guy [12:28 PM]:
difference is i am the only one who means it
Dizzy [12:29 PM]:
and if i had to believe THAT one every time, i’d be a bloody fool!!
IT Guy [12:30 PM]:
i see we have a love hate relationship…i love you and you hate me
Dizzy [12:30 PM]:
i do love you….but it has some limits
how coudl I not love you?
Hav’ to go…
IT Guy [12:31 PM]:
how can your love have limitations…
that just broke my heart
Dizzy [12:48 PM]:
sorry, you said heart….do you have one?
IT Guy [12:48 PM]:
only for you
Dizzy [12:49 PM]:
i bet if you got a rand everytime u said that to a woman, you’d be rich
IT Guy [12:49 PM]:
if i had a rand for every time i said it to a woman
i would have one rand
Dizzy [12:49 PM]:
jeez, you are bloody good.
thank goodness i’m immune to such flattery
IT Guy [12:51 PM]:
i was just stating facts
Dizzy [12:52 PM]:
YOH! , where do you learn all this? do you have a book?
IT Guy [12:52 PM]:
i wrote the book
Dizzy [12:53 PM]:
har har
IT Guy [12:56 PM]:
at least you know you are special enough for me to think his crap up for
Dizzy [12:57 PM]:
whahahahaaa…now the truth emerges….i knew there was a catch
IT Guy [12:59 PM]:
hey have to let all the other ladies think they are important, they cant know you are my favourite
Dizzy [01:00 PM]:
promise i won’t tell.
WHAT OTHER ladies? I thought it was jez me?
IT Guy [01:02 PM]:
you know i have to deal with everybody, i cant spend all day with you as i would like
Dizzy [01:03 PM]:
That’s just FINE! ….
IT Guy [01:03 PM]:
i might be around other women, but i only pine for you when we are apart
Dizzy [01:04 PM]:
Ok, now you’re back in my good books….now go sort out my thingie…
IT Guy [01:07 PM]:
in the masters office?
Dizzy [01:07 PM]:
wahahahaaaaaaaa…..if you really insist
IT Guy [01:08 PM]:
when we’re done in the masters office sorting you out i’ll sort the thingie out
Dizzy [01:09 PM]:
that was brilliant!! I’ll remember that one….wahahahahahahahaaaa
IT Guy [01:09 PM]:
in all seriousness, i assume that call is with the helpdesk, i honestly havent seen anything like that here – what was the call ref again?
Dizzy [01:10 PM]:
# X
and who’s sorting who out again?
IT Guy [01:10 PM]:
we can take turns?
Dizzy [01:10 PM]:
LOL! at least you make me laugh.
but everyone thinks i’m crazy now…
IT Guy [01:11 PM]:
you dont have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps
Dizzy [01:11 PM]:
true. ok bye now
IT Guy [01:11 PM]:
you abandoning me?
Dizzy [01:11 PM]:
have to see to my other admirers, you know?
IT Guy [01:12 PM]:
i didnt see other women to spend time with you – i cant believe you want to leave me
listen, did you make the call ref up? we dont have it, helpdesk doesnt have it
Dizzy [01:13 PM]:
NO, i spoke to some indian guy, k… or something
IT Guy [01:14 PM]:
maybe reversed some digits?
seriously, we cant find it
Dizzy [01:14 PM]:
faaak!!! I still told him that nr was bloody strange
will blarrie will log a new one! and let you know
IT Guy [01:16 PM]:
he probably wasnt even from the helpdesk – just gave you some number
Dizzy [01:16 PM]:
IT Guy [01:17 PM]:
see, now i do think you just wanted to be sorted out and there is no problem
Dizzy [01:20 PM]:
IT Guy [01:25 PM]:
you can admit it, i have already caught you out
Dizzy [01:27 PM]:

So I call the helpdesk AGAIN to sort out the ref’s
Dizzy[01:53 PM]:
call ref’s – x & y
IT Guy [01:53 PM]:
you just make those up too?
Dizzy[01:54 PM]:
you want me to slap you?
IT Guy [01:54 PM]:
maybe i like it rough?
Dizzy[01:54 PM]:
knew you were going to say that………..
IT Guy [01:57 PM]:
so why ask?
Dizzy[01:58 PM]:
i won’t next time
IT Guy [01:58 PM]:
just act next time instead?
Dizzy[01:59 PM]:
ja, just whack you
you mos giving me permission
IT Guy [01:59 PM]:
promises promises
Dizzy[01:59 PM]:
IT Guy [01:59 PM]:
yea Dizzy, have your way with me
har har har
Dizzy[01:59 PM]:
keep dreaming, sonny boy
IT Guy [02:00 PM]:
about you?
Dizzy[02:00 PM]:
good grief, how’d we get there?
IT Guy [02:00 PM]:
you brought the topic up
Dizzy[02:01 PM]:
what are we talking about again?
IT Guy [02:01 PM]:
i dont know, probably x & y, after all, we would never make dirty jokes, everything is always above board
Dizzy[02:02 PM]:
dirty jokes? me? NEVER!!!
IT Guy [02:02 PM]:
me either
Dizzy[02:03 PM]:
now go sort out the problem.
users are breathing down my nexk.
IT Guy [02:03 PM]:
heavy breathing?
Dizzy[02:03 PM]:
IT Guy [02:04 PM]:

…and I copped out right there. Wuss, huh?

Have a fabulous AM

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Comments on: "Ego Maniac ;-)" (22)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Diz,I thoroughly enjoyed reading that!! Sounds like you definitely have an admirer!!Have a good one and try not to be too naughty 😉

  2. Killakat said:

    Me naughty? NEVAH! lol

  3. Same shit different day said:

    Loving it Diz – you go girl 😉 x

  4. armadillo said:

    ahaha…. 😉

  5. JournoJen said:

    HA HA you know all the right lines to say 😉 Good on you girl. Have aa lovely weekend

  6. NARITHA said:

    * (>-<) * . * . *(“( Ö, )”) * . * .*’.( )/ * . * . ** . .B * . * . *Weekend blessings.((((HUGS))))

  7. Killakat said:

    You think, Cin? 😉

  8. Killakat said:

    Wasn’t me! 😉

  9. Killakat said:

    Not that I wanted to….he forced me into it?! lol

  10. Killakat said:

    glad you enjoyed it, rather looooong, neh?Tx 4 the visit

  11. Killakat said:

    Wish I could be more original though…;-)Tx, u too hun

  12. Killakat said:

    Thank you B, same to you xxx

  13. Janete said:

    This is either the wierdest or funniest discussion I’ve ever read. Guess you never have a dull moment hunh?Have a great weekend 😉

  14. kasper said:

    Bwhahahaha…Work interfered from time to time, did it?

  15. Killakat said:

    Oh, there’s plenty of those J, I just don’t tell you of those! ;-)have a good one toox

  16. Killakat said:

    You betcha! 😉

  17. Killakat said:

    Uhm, Ja? Why wouldn’t you?

  18. Mahesi said:


  19. Killakat said:

    Fortunately I didn’t have to type it up, Hunny!! lol

  20. BalooZA said:

    Smooth operator!

  21. Killakat said:

    Yes he is, Baloo! 😉

  22. Killakat said:

    It wouldn’t have been here if I had to. The PT?! And my memory’s not what it used to be 😉

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