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The Aftermath

So guess who trounced the Chiefs, huh? Yip, the Blue ones!!!! 69/17. Anyone has ANYTHING to say? *waits a while, hears resounding silence* Uhuh, didn’t think so

And we had a Lekker time. Quite a bunch of people together – some Shark’s supporters as well as Chiefs supporters. I made it very clear “you come into my house, you support the Bulls. No one else”. Some of our tjommies were a bit brommerig (but they didn’t expect anything less from me). Ag, after the game, they had a few (more) and were over their sorrows.

And we had some more, after a while we (I) had so much I thought I could dance like a stripper. And the palm tree was my pole. I have the scratches to prove it. But I won’t show you. Too embarrassing. Next time, puhleeeze remind me that I can’t party like a rock star anymore?!?!?. After a night like that I need a whole week to recover. It’s not a pretty sight.

One of our friend’s GF was complaining about him. He doesn’t do this and don’t do that. Expects her to cook, clean, and iron. Now, if you are gonna talk to me about stuff, it means you want my opinion. I am not hesitant to give it. Then she goes all quiet because (maybe) I said too much. You think? All I asked was “So why do you do it?” GF goes, “Ja but….”

Me: You see, you’re making excuses for him

GF: he works so hard, and…..


Me: but you both work, right?

GF: Yes, but, he works longer hours than I do….

Too many flucking “but’s” if you ask me

Me: so you will clean up and iron until all hours at night making sure he’s comfortable? Are you his mother or his GF?

Silence, and we changed the subject

Then I remembered that this was exactly what I went through. I got married with stars in my eyes and thought I was going to be the goodest wife of them all. See to my husband, and be sure he asks for nothing. Then I was seeing to a (colicky) baby and a husband. It got a bit much. Until I noticed he started believing it was his MANLY right to have his wife do all of this without any help from him.
I complained about the very thing to my friends, who told me the very same thing. And one day, I just had enough. No more vloerlap. And just stopped. If you wanted a sandwich, make it yourself. You want a shirt ironed – well what’s wrong with your hands? Gave the poor man the shock of his life. Only then did he start pulling his weight around the house. Ok, it took some time, but he learnt his lesson

I guess she will go the same route? I was hoping she would wake up and smell the coffee soon.

Why are we so stupid when it comes to men and relationships, huh? Why do we create these monsters? Because it is our fault, we give and give, spoil them rotten and when we wake up and realise we are being exploited, we want to know why, and we blame everyone but ourselves.

If I can prevent one woman from making that same mistake, I am happy. I hope she wakes up sooner rather than later


Comments on: "The Aftermath" (38)

  1. algoabay said:


  2. JoDay said:

    Ain’t it annoying when people play the “Ja, but… ” game?

  3. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. The Bulls were awesome. She will learn the hard way just like the rest of us idiots!!

  4. Killakat said:

    Hey There 🙂

  5. Killakat said:

    …and they don’t even realise it….

  6. Killakat said:


  7. Killakat said:

    I wouldn’t say we were idiots. Just naive? lol!

  8. davidsdance said:

    Even I got excited about the bulls!! In fact I was drinking for every try and penalty and drop goal………….. let’s just leave it at that!!

  9. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Diz,I don’t even want to know where those scratches are!!! LOLI think I’ve been very lucky when it comes to men and chores – My Dad was a very good example and did as much, if not more, than my Mom so I already had the expectation that if you wanted it done get up and do it yourself and Hubby is VERY good around the house!!Have a good one Diz 🙂

  10. feefy said:

    Hey Diz,Been there done that.

  11. Killakat said:

    Hell, after the second try, we just drank! lol!

  12. Killakat said:

    Ag Bloggsie, don’t feel bad….;-)She’s so sweet though….hmmm…I was also sweet…once upon a time! lol!

  13. Killakat said:

    Strangely enough, my mom waited on Dad hand and foot, so I guess it was her fault, right? Thank goodness I woke up and smelt the roses!And you have a very nice man indeed! Lucky girl! xxPS: Fortunately I was wearing jeans, it could’ve been worse! lol

  14. Killakat said:

    …and got the T’? xx

  15. Same shit different day said:

    Dizzy darlin – amen to all that and then some ! Relationships are a two way street and that includes chores (manly right my arse) – have a fabulous day my friend 🙂 xxPS Forgot to say, the rugby was OUTRAGEOUS, best game I’ve seen in ages 😉

  16. Mahesi said:

    hi lady, i know nothing about rugby, i only like the bulls jersey :)sorry for your GF

  17. personanongrata said:

    I’ve given up on offering advice. If they ask, sure. But people generally don’t want to hear it. How is the palm tree doing?

  18. Killakat said:

    It was nogals awesome. I did feel sory for the Chiefs though. The feeling was over in a second 😉

  19. Killakat said:

    Blue’s a good color! ;-)She’ll get it sometime….

  20. Killakat said:

    LOL! Slightly bent, but it’ll survive! 😉

  21. NARITHA said:

    * (>-<) * . * . *(“( Ö, )”) * . * .*’.( )/ * . * . ** . .B * . * . * A shower of blessings for the week.((((HUGS))))

  22. pinkpolkadot said:

    The Bulls were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the game!!

  23. hutton said:

    Live and learn

  24. bronnie.l said:

    baah humbug! I refuse to compromise so will probably die lonely with 10 cats (and I hate cats!)

  25. Killakat said:

    Thanks, you too Beertjie((((HUGS))))

  26. Killakat said:

    I would’ve klapped you! lol

  27. Killakat said:

    Very very very nice. Especially the drinks in-between 😉

  28. Killakat said:

    Yip….that donkey and me don’t have anything in common 😉

  29. Killakat said:

    LOL! I hate cats too. Some toy ones? 😉

  30. JournoJen said:

    Agree with you Dizzy! We create the monster 🙂 Men have hands and brains. It’s actually an insult to them if we do everything. My BF washes dishes, does grocery shopping, makes dinner (a lot!)…In the beginning of our relationship, I told him I couldn’t cook LOL! I only started cooking later in the relationship when I knew he wouldn’t get used to it

  31. Sivuyisiwe said:

    True hey,makes you think!

  32. Killakat said:

    You were much more clued up than me, hun! My bad, neh? 😉

  33. Killakat said:

    Agge no!! I can’t believe I missed you? How you doing, my friend? Hope you OK? And good to know who’s the man in your house 😉 lol

  34. Killakat said:

    Vuyi, just don’t make the mistake I did! xx

  35. Killakat said:

    Ag, I’m sorry, man. Bad habit, I guess? lolYour wife’s lucky. There. I said it. Is that better? 😉

  36. Killakat said:

    It was very difficult. Hope you realise that. Being nice, I mean 😉 I’ll stop nowSo when you back? Got arthritis? You can take pills, you know 😉

  37. Killakat said:

    So ‘n bek moet jam kry. ;-)Ok, so out with it, what do you want? 😉

  38. Killakat said:

    Okay….compliment graciously accepted 😉

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