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Mutterings # 2

I am so tired and so un-inspired and really had nothing to entertain you with today. But then I suddenly got some inspiration from nowhere.

Did you know I was a Sunday school Teacher? A very good one at that. And did you know I was a “Worship Leader” in Church? In the Anglican Church no less. Bet you didn’t know THAT.

And before you fall off your chair and choke in your sarmie, this wasn’t by choice. At some point (after some intense discussions with our pastor about inappropriate behaviour I’d started indulging in) my mom “suggested” I become a Sunday school teacher and a worship leader as she thought this would keep me on the straight and narrow. Ingrain some (more) good morals and improve my behaviour. Basically she tried to prevent me from becoming a total rebel and bad girl.

Do you think it worked?



And this is what I will be doing tomorrow….

My Bloed s BLOU!!!!! Goooooo BULLE!!!!

Have a fanflippintastic weekend guys


Oh, they caught me smoking and carrying a bottle of OBS…….


Comments on: "Mutterings # 2" (24)

  1. kasper said:

    They always do this to the naughty ones…WHO are the Bulle now actually playing??

  2. JournoJen said:

    LOL that’s not SUCH bad behaviour!The bulle are playing the Chiefs I think, kasper.Have a lovely weekend 😉

  3. Killakat said:

    Kasper, where DO you live? 😉 lol!!!

  4. Killakat said:

    Should give you insight into my mom’s psyche….no “good girl” does things like THAT! lol

  5. caiventer said:

    Your mom may not have known true statistics about the straight&narrow versus Sunday-school teachers and saints. I’m back for now, but only now…stealing time at work (and why not)…Happy weekend!

  6. Killakat said:

    Methinks she was willing to try ANYthing! lol

  7. algoabay said:

    Have a good one….and enjoy!:-)

  8. Killakat said:

    Fenkyouverrrymuch Maxine777:-))

  9. Killakat said:

    I still WUF YOU even though you Support them with the seriously nasty TEEF??!!!

  10. granny47 said:


  11. snowdon said:

    I can’t wait for the rugby! Even though I’m a Stormers supporter, I’m all for the Bulls tomorrow 😉 Have a good one and ENJOY!P.s. Thanks for the visit– The things one does when they’re drunk! Argh, I could kick myself 😦

  12. Killakat said:


  13. Killakat said:

    Ag shame, GF, you support the Stormers? We’ll pray for you….lol!Yah, okes will make you do stupid things….

  14. Killakat said:

    I’ll sommer lay hands on you too …lol!

  15. hutton said:


  16. Same shit different day said:

    😀 Luv ya Diz, even if you support the Bulls -(Sharks forever)- have a fabulous weekend xxx

  17. Killakat said:


  18. Killakat said:

    I luv ya too Wildie, DESPITE the fact that you support those sharky’s 😉

  19. Janete said:

    LOL, you’re too funy ( re your answer on my post, you were close, it was the living daylights ;-)have an awesome weekend 😉

  20. bronnie.l said:

    So you were the ‘spirit’ual leader of the youth?

  21. pixie24 said:

    Lol Dizzy!Go Bulls, I’m going to loftus, so looking forward to it!Have a awesome one!!mwah!

  22. rosegarden said:

    Even though it goes against all my instincts I will be supporting the Bulls tomorrow!

  23. Sivuyisiwe said:

    hope you had lots after the victory by the Bulls.

  24. Killakat said:


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