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Ok, I am soooo not lus to work today, so herewith next part. Don’t be too bored now….


When school started again I was back to normal. I was still infatuated, but less intensely. Then I got another letter.

Why did you blow me off. Is it because you have another boyfriend? Do you like playing games? I know you have another boyfriend, because I saw you. Don’t make a fool of me.

Jissie. I was gobsmacked. Where in HELL did he get all this? He was blarrie bonkers. The next reply was immediate, sans Charlie, and flower in the corner.

Jy’s mal. Ek’t nie ‘n boyfriend nie. Ek’t jou gesê ek stel nie nou belang in ouens nie. Sorry, iemand lieg vir jou. (you’re mad. I don’t have a BF, I told you I’m not interested. Someone’s lying to you – or something along those lines).

Again silence. And again avoidance. Then I became a stalker. We would roam around the school looking for him and his posse, and if we found them, would take up residence close by – just a spoeg weg (i.e. not far). Again, we conceded defeat and left Jase and his beautiful friends where they were destined to be – on a pedestal. This time it was final in my eyes. I was now tired of this cat-and-mouse games.

But by the end of the year (I was now 13.5 – older and wiser), he’d decided he was going to try again.

This time he sent one of his friends with the letter. To be utterly convincing, he had to send in his own reinforcements. This time it was an adaptation of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” – Danny Gokey sang some of it last night, so you should have an idea….

It still beats me that this guy couldn’t do his dirty work himself. It was always a messenger. Oh, but I forget, he was The Man. Of course he had people doing this for him.

The conversation went such:

Why don’t you like him, why are you playing hard to get? Do you not have a heart? Do you have another BF? Leave the other BF, Jase will take you anyway (like, thank you soooooo, much) The guy is in love with you, his heart is broken. Please go out with him.

I was alone, I was weak. My friends were not around to emotionally support me and keep me grounded and give me some advice. I felt so bad. This guy was seriously suffaring. So I said yes. In any case, I perceived myself ready for a BF by that stage. Also, that letter went a long way to change my mind. So romantic *sigh*. Nevermind that it was a spoeg-n-plak.

I had to put him out of his misery, my soft sweet heart couldn’t handle the thought that the father of my beautiful (imaginary) babies was miserable. I was in seventh heaven. Thinking of how we’d be holding hands and meeting each other behind the toilets to steal a few kisses. Of him walking me home. The fantasies were endless….

Yet again, there was more action going on in my imagination than in real life.

I only saw him about three times over Christmas – once at the movies – he was with his friends and some girls (no, the warning bells did not sound off). Then again at the stadium – we went to watch the soccer in the hopes he would be there. He was, but didn’t even bother to make an effort to hook up. And then at New Year’s day at the dam. Either he didn’t see me, or he pretended not to. And I’d started hearing rumours of him and other girls. Gorgeous older girls. By then I’d again convinced myself the joke was on me.

On the first day of school, I told him we were no longer an item. Can you believe it, he had the nerve to ask me “WHY? What’s the matter? Don’t you love me anymore?” I gave up. Nee dankie, I told him, I’m too busy for this stront. (No thanks, I’m too busy for this shit)

I had clear ideas of what a relationship was supposed to be like. And THIS was no relationship. We were pen pals.

Then this girl – well, she was more like a bull dog – short, pretty, straight hair (in our opinion, if you had straight hair, you were the BOMB) confronts me one day. Salma was her name

S: Is jy Dizzy (here we go again)

Me: Ja, so wat? (I’d started developing some attitude, huh?)

S: is jy Jason se girlfriend (are you J’s girlfriend?)

Me: So wat as ek is? (What’s it to you if I am)

as I uttered the words, I was thinking “Yoh, D, you are brave, girl”; but I was still quaking in my shoes, this girl was mean and street smart – i.e. she could moer me right there

S: Ek wil jou net sê, EK is sy girlfriend (I just wanted to tell you that I’m his girlfriend)

Me: *looking her up and down in disdain, but still quaking* Rêrig? Hy’t nie vir my so gesê nie (well, this never came up)

I’m now just looking for kak, but this cheapskate girl is irritating me. How could she cheapen herself like that to fight over a BOY? Come on? Even I knew that good girls didn’t do THAT. Anyway, that’s what my Mom said

S: *practically stabbing my eye with her short finger* Well, êk sê nou vir jou, hy’s myne (well, I’m telling you now, he’s mine)

Me: *sighing and shaking my head* Weet jy wat, jy kan hom kry, want êk soek niemand se leftovers nie *looking at her as if she’s something the cat dragged in, anyway* I told her i didn’t want her left overs….

With that, I whipped my ass (with my now very long ponytail) around, and walked away from her. Ok, practically ran. But no one would’ve believed that.

I dunno what happened to my friends, they were MIA again. I collapsed when I reached the classroom. I was shaking for a few minutes after that. Ou grootbek, neh?

And found the friends there – they literally turned tail and ran when they saw what was going down in front of the toilets (what’s with us and the toilets, hey?). But I forgave them for their desertion. I couldn’t expect them to fight my battles could I?

A few hours later, J had heard of this incident. Another letter followed. Sommer scribbled on school paper.


Is êk regtig a rubbish? Hoe kan jy dit van my dink? Ek is so lief vir jou, maar jy sien dit nie? Daar is niemand in hierdie wêreld vir my maar jy nie

Translation: “am I really a piece of shit? How could you think that of me? I’m so in love with you, but you don’t see it? There’s no one in this world for me but you” (does this sound like another song?)

Now people, when did I ever say this? Yoh, gossipmongers. For some reason he got part of it right but the rest COMPLETELY wrong. Anyways, S was basically (very politely I heard) told that if she ever, EVER even THINKS of doing something like THAT to me AGAIN….well, I forget what he’d do. It wasn’t very polite I believe. But she never bugged me again.

My hero…..I was all starry eyed and completely besotted. AGAIN (who wouldn’t be?)

So Jase and I were on again. At least I was turning 14 in a few weeks (I consoled myself) quite grown up now, neh? We had a few weeks of bliss, meeting on the sports field (more privacy there). Holding hands…*sigh* it was sooooo ROMANTIC

And most importantly, I was the hottest guy in school’s GF! Ain’t that something?!!


Comments on: "Of First Loves – Off again, On again" (24)

  1. kasper said:

    So not lus tooohooo…But one has to, i guess.have a wonderful weekend – en skryf maar nog!

  2. APisces said:

    Also not lus for work. Interesting story so far, waiting of more…

  3. snowdon said:

    God you make me laugh– thanks 🙂 this is such a treat!

  4. kat64 said:

    Aw sweeeet. Aren’t you glad though, that you’re not that age still? All that angst etc…

  5. Killakat said:

    *sighs dramatically* I know, but i’ll rather waffle on the blogs and face the music later…Have a good one

  6. Killakat said:

    and I said it was short and sweet….boy was I lying! 😉

  7. Killakat said:

    Always happy to put a smile on someones mug…:-))

  8. Killakat said:

    Ja, but now we have other angst to worry about….worrying about our children doing exactly what we did! 😉

  9. Killakat said:

    lol! A few short weeks, yes….

  10. Sivuyisiwe said:

    You know what your writings would make a good scipt for a stage play.I have been killing myself laughing with your sense of humour waiting eargerly to hear what happenned next.

  11. Killakat said:

    lol! Like I said to JJ…Flattery will get you EVERYwhere, Vuyi!! Anything you want, you know who to visit 😉

  12. noahsark said:

    Ah to be young & innocent! :)I also had this guy ask me to a movie when I was in Std 6 by letter, delivered by his chommas. My friends(?) took it upon themselves to write this guy a letter, saying it’s from me, saying that he must bring lots of money coz I want lots of sweets.He was so cross he threw the letter at me and told me to forget about it. My friends thought it was very funny and I was mortified!!! I never had the guts to tell him that it wasn’t me!! I am sure somewhere in the world today he is telling his wife about that windgat cherrie!!!

  13. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Diz,Wow…talk about a roller coaster ride LOL

  14. Killakat said:

    LOL! Shame, man, the stuff our friends get us into! You must have been avoiding him like the plague after that….

  15. Killakat said:

    I was getting quite dizzy with it all 😉

  16. SENSUAL said:

    Well, what to say – such fun and games our young days.. It was good though!

  17. Killakat said:

    Yeah, now, looking back, it was good. But it agony while it was happening!

  18. noahsark said:

    I pretty much stayed out of his way, although I think he did still have the hots for me. Everytime he saw me he blushed bright red!! We nicknamed him tamatie. :)We moved away at the end of that year, so the problem was solved.The wierd thing about it is, I still feel crappy about it, although I didn’t actually DO anything wrong. I still want to find him and tell him: “Dude, it wasn’t me!!!!”

  19. isabel said:

    Lovely love story. Hope the ending is a happy one 🙂 Your story brought back a whole lot of memories.

  20. pixie24 said:

    What a week.Tx 4 the visit once again!I dont feel like writting anymore, people are too judgemental.I’ll rather just share fun pics etx.Have a fab weekend!xxx

  21. hutton said:


  22. Rockybaby said:

    I hope this wa a long time ago??We have grown up since, not so??Hgs!

  23. Same shit different day said:

    Loving your story – have a great weekend my friend and take good care of yourself 🙂 xx

  24. bronnie.l said:

    this story just gets wierder and wierder! and strangely, for a person who is really bad at reading afrikaans, I am hating the english translations for the benefit of others. they detract from my reading!

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