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Hallo Ya’ll

Been scarce, I know. Must apologise. But know you really haven’t missed me *sniffles, feeling sorry for self*. Fortunately I have a thick hide. Might get over it by tomorrow….But I have been missing you SOMMER BAIE!!! (translation – A LOT)

I’ve been wondering if I speak the same language as the rest of my project team. OK. Not all of them are daft. Me, being the star of them all (off course, did you doubt it?).

We discuss things ad nauseam, dish out actions as required. Yet when I call them to follow up on their bits, it’s like I’m speaking Martian? WTFF? It’s frustrating the living shit outta me (I know that’s a bad one, but its MY expression. OKAY?!!!)

I’m getting sick and fuckin’ tired of having to repeat my blarrie self. Nice voice of te not. Its really getting my gander up. Working on my Gatsnare I tell you!!!! *sigh, breathe in breathe out*


Plus, found out that IT guy is a slut. He’s been flirting with everything that has two legs and remotely female. Bad, BAD boy. He made me think I was special. Turns out I’m not. Flugger.


Picked up the fancy new car yesterday. Exciting. OK, it was supposed to be. It’s not much different from previous 4 wheels. It’s now Wonda IV. Yeh, I likes Honda. BooBoo tried convincing me to go to the other side – Beemer (over me dead bhady), Jeep, Toyota (yuk), Ford (yuk yuk), Mazda (over me dead bhady # 2).

Briefly considered it. Went back to what I know. *sigh, you’re so boring Dizzy*

Think it was the first and only time a manual was ever read in my household. Girls, if you want your man to read a manual, buy something new. DVD player / new car, just not a blarrie washing machine. They draw the line at this.

This morning I tried everything he showed me. Sunroof open. Switching from disc to disc. The heated seats *baar, neh? I told you*

Wondered after like half an hour why my ass was on fire. Shit. Need to remember to switch the damn thing off after a while.


Schools – can’t you do the soccer, cricket, rugby matches over WEEKENDS? Some mothers and fathers have to work, you know? Can’t blarrie leave the office early every other day. My boss is starting to look at me funny. Ok, like THAT’s new.

I just don’t understand. What’s wrong with having matches over a blarrie weekend? FM.


A very old friend is trying to re-connect. I’m not so sure. Digging old cows out of ravines (“ou koeie uit die slote grawe I think the expression goes….) you know. Don’t know if I wanna go there. Need to think about it.

Although….I’ve had about a month to think about it. Think she’s still waiting for the mail / phonecall? Ek weet nie, jong. Lots of complications and bad memories. Not sure if I can get over the stuff. What do you think?


Lastly, It’s my Birthday Tomorrow.

Got your attention NOW?

Thought I was gonna get lotsa wishes, then I remembered it’s a blarrie public holiday! Shite. You’re not gonna be around. Not sure I will. Plan on having a moviese hangover indeed (Phusa Thursday and whatnot).

Think of me anyways…

Go, go Shorty, It’s your birthday,
Njenenenjenana (dunno the words)
 …..cos it’s you Birthday
 (you know the song….sing it for me)

Have a Fantastic weekend EveryBody



Comments on: "Mutterings…ALWEER" (9)

  1. Sundancer said:

    Hiya Dizzy. Have an absolutely bloody fantastic birthday tomorrow. You are a lucky girl you always get a holiday on your birthday so you can celebrate big time tonight and tomorrow and over the whole weekend. You should make it one loooong partyjie. Hugs for you.

  2. svenwg said:

    Have an inspiring Birthday and throw caution to the wind. It is the one day in the year that you are able to do what you want and stuff the rest of society and others.lol.

  3. hutton said:

  4. kat64 said:

    Have the most marvelous of days, Dizzy. ((*hugs*))

  5. Rockybaby said:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you spend a marvelous day and get really spoiled. All the best to you!

  6. Janete said:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow 😉

  7. Blue Angel said:

    Happy bday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day followed by a fabulous weekend!!

  8. Same shit different day said:

    “Mal vlakhaas” – chin up, we luv you even when you’re having a kak day. You’ll get your pressies tomorrow, only one more sleep – take good care of yourself 😉 xxx

  9. Same shit different day said:

    Happy Birthday Dizzy – special post on my blog for you 🙂 xx

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