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Before I start, I just wanted to say, that I noticed….yesterday I had 36 Fans. Today I have 35. I ask with tears in my overhanging brown eyes…..who did I piss off? Why don’t you love me? I thawt I was a nice gal? *sniffs* ‘S Ok, tho’, I’ll get over the hurt. Eventually. Guess I’m not as great as I thawt, huh? *sniffs again*

Ok, enough of the feeling sorry stuff.

So we went and did our thing last night. We got to the voting station and there was still a queue.  But it was moving fast. A Coloured couple joined a few places behind us but she immediately started whingeing. “Nee, ék gaan nie so lank hier staan nie. Ons gaan eerste 11 o’clock daar in kom!!” Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Her husband/boyfriend seemed very embarassed (coz’ of course, Dizzy turned around to look in disgust at Miss Tirade).
After about 2 minutes they left the queue. I hope they still voted. There were other stations in the area. We were done in 40 minutes.

There was an exciting buzz. Everyone eager to cast their vote. Just knowing you have a say in what happens to you in this country is exhilirating. Whether they will deliver, well, now we wait.

I was taken back to ’94 – I was truly part of the elecitons. Freshly married, 5 months preggers. I didn’t have a job and needed some income. Mommy gave my name to someone, who in turn gave my name to someone in the IEC, who put me on the IEC volunteer list. I was part of the crowds of thousands who had to queue to be registered as IEC staff.

We turned out in masses on a cold April evening, at the Pretoria Show Grounds. When I saw the amount of people pitching up, I got a feel of how big it was going to be. I was mistaken. Election day was to be the eye opener.

On 27th April 94, I got out of a warm bed, leaving a sleeping husband, at 4am. We had to report at our voting stations by 5am. We didn’t have nifty T-shirts like the staffers were wearing yesterday. Only the stickers identifying us as staff. When the people started walking in, I was nervous and excited at once. Pumped with adrenalin. Baby was kicking like crazy asif even he knew this was a momentous occasion. It was truly wow. I was in the thick of things….

By 5 pm I wasn’t feeling wow anymore. More like “Kan julle nou asseblief blerrie ophou instroom?!!” (can you stop streaming in already!!). We had processed thousands of people that day. But it was still worth the aching feet, back and als. Yesterday I got a similar feeling.

Until I found out Daddy dearest hadn’t voted. As well as nephew. WTF?

“What for?!” were both their responses. “The government is corrupt. They don’t deliver. They don’t see to us.” Blahdieblahblablah!!!

Like, HELLOOOOO?? Tell me again why do you think you shouldn’t go vote? DUHH???

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, get off your lazy blarrie arses and DO something about it!!!

I told them I never ever wanna hear one negative word from them about this government. They have forfeited their right to criticize. Idiots. *shakes head in disgust*


Comments on: "Old New Souf Efrika" (15)

  1. StephanKuhn said:

    Wasn’t me eiter and good on you for taking on the indifferent ones!

  2. Killakat said:

    Jong, you better not….*screws up eyes* I got connections to track and trace and tackle…:-)))

  3. Killakat said:

    Yip, don’t understand their reasoning.

  4. Noelene said:

    When people are too lazy to go vote, I have no sympathy for them. It’s just hillarious how it is usually the ones who do not even bother to vote who has the most to say and complain about when it comes to what’s happening in the counry. Pisses me off!

  5. Killakat said:

    Very much so, especially if it is educated people! Incomprehensible!!

  6. Killakat said:

    Jong, Bloggsie, normally I would do just that. But don’t think Daddy dearest will take too kindly to that! I gave them both a mental one, howz that!xxx

  7. foot loose said:

    Too true Diz. Now, yesterday I HAD 36 FANS. TODAY I HAVE 35!! Coincidence?And I can’t work out who jumped ship either …. So we can feel sorry for ourselves TOGETHER! 🙂

  8. foot loose said:

    Oh yes, I forgot – you have mail.

  9. Killakat said:

    Yip, over wine? :-))as you may have noticed, any excuse will do! LOL

  10. Killakat said:

    You betcha ass, Meneer ;-))

  11. Same shit different day said:

    Agree 100% dear Dizzy – non-voters drive me frilly – have a fab day from your ever luvin fan 😉

  12. Killakat said:

    Me loves you stax too WCxxx

  13. sideview said:

    i agree, if you didn’t vote then it is as bad as a vote for the anc

  14. JoDay said:

    YOO-HOO, HONEY… I’M HOME!!! Blame that pharking Phire-phox! ;-D xxx

  15. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    I loved reading about your recollection of the 94 elections. What a memorable time it must have been, to be right in the middle of something that would be life changing for us all.

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