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Just got out of bed 10 minutes ago. Still in my PJ’s. Only got out of bed ‘coz I had to heed the call of the wild – bathroom, then food. In that order. Lekker you say? Not if you’ve been nursing a migraine…..when I got home from work yesterday, I had the beginnings of a MOFA of a migraine. Light sensitivity, tingling in the hands, excruciating pain. Like my head was about to explode. 

And i couldn’t find my drugs fast enough. I nearly died. Someone hid it, I swear. Masochists. I was ecstatic when I eventually got my hands on them. By then it had hit in full force. Took some, then waiting for the welcome numbness was excruciating. You know it’ll numb the pain soon, but its never soon enough. The pain is like someone hacking at your face, brain with a knife. Anyone who experiences migraines can attest to that. And no speaking. Not even softly. It’s just too much. Any light is just blinding. You just don’t want anyone / anything near you. Just want to be on your own, huddled in foetal position waiting for the drugs to take effect. When sleep finally comes it is sweet relief.

I’m ok now. Just loopy from all the drugs. Going back to bed now

Have a stunning weekend.

Ps: now I have to catch up 2x work on Monday. Blegh.


Comments on: "the lights are on but nobody’s home" (17)

  1. borrel said:

    ag sorrie dizz hope you get better soon 🙂

  2. bronwyntivers said:

    Shame Diz…that’s terrible!!!Glad the drugs have kicked in, though!!Have a great one 🙂

  3. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Hope you are better soon. I get the auras but not the head pain. The first time I got the visual disturbance I thought I must have a brain tumour. I was terrified.

  4. Killakat said:


  5. Killakat said:

    Oi, it’s something horrible. Cannot understand why I have to honour of getting it this bad. Sometimes think it’s payback for all my sins 😦

  6. JournoJen said:

    Not nice! Hope you recover quickly…hugs

  7. Janete said:

    I suffer with those so I feel your pain. hope you feel better soon 😉

  8. Killakat said:

    Tx J

  9. Killakat said:

    Mwah! 2 everyone

  10. hutton said:

    Feel better soon

  11. foot loose said:

    Feel better soon

  12. Killakat said:

    Am I seeing double? Think i should go 2 bed now…its worse thn i thawt

  13. Bek n Call Girl said:

    Hey D, been there not pleasant at all, thanks for the visit even while loopy xxx e

  14. shaynix said:

    Wow, that sucks, get better Dizzy 🙂

  15. Same shit different day said:

    Dizzy darlin’ – take good care of yourself and feel better soon 🙂

  16. JoDay said:

    Oh no!! That really sounds awful, you poor thing! x

  17. Same shit different day said:

    Morning Dizzy – hope you’re feeling better dear heart – a fabulous Monday to you 🙂

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