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40 Something hit it on the head…..you guys must stop blogging so I can work….I’ve got a shitload of work that I don’t wanna do….

But Neutral Man gave me something fun to do –

According to NM, and some of his friends and family (and even worse) some women he knows, these (as shown below) are the main differences between men and women. I have to ask NM – who are the women in your life? I think you need to move to Tshwane, where you can rub shoulders with some real women, we will put you on the right track, boetie! *winks*

Personally, I must commend him for being so brave. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

My commentary follows in Pink no less. I am a girl after all ;-))

(1) Man has a johnny, woman has a cat *obvious one* DUH. You forgot about the mammaries!

(2) Men are straightforward, women like to beat about the bush. Bullshit! We have to beat around the bush, coz’ men can’t handle the truth

(3) Men are practical people, while women are idealistic people. Wrong. AGAIN! Its’ vice versa, tjomma

(4) Men want things done now, while women are patient (hence why they’re better at parenting, 1 for the moms) . I’m 50/50 on this one – we want things done now, but have the patience to wait if it don’t make sense NOW. Some women make horrible mothers.

(5) Men are disciplinarians, while women are caregivers. I’ll give you that

(6) Men don’t ask for directions bcoz they first wana solve the problem then when all possibilities have been tried, then finally we’ll ask. As for women, they ask because it’s faster to get to where we need to go, but next time when she needs to go to the same place, she’ll need to ask again… Nopes. In Tshwane, we have GPS 😉 and we CAN actually ask for an address and get it right. Men can’t even do that.

(7) *THE BIG ONE* Why is it a man’s world? Because man was created first and woman was created bcoz it was observed that man needed someone to relate to and a helper, plus the fact that man made the world’s rules according to his character. It was dark. God didn’t know what he was doing

(8) Men suck @ communication, while women are already professors at it. At 8000 words p/day? You bet your ass we are. But you (men) can give as good as you get.

(9) Men would screw any women that offers, women might screw a pretty man. Another 50/50. We nogals want a pretty boy who knows how to do it. You would screw anything with a skirt

(10) A man having multiple female partners is praised, a woman having multiple male partners is looked down upon (sad, but true, back to no. 7 being a man’s world). FM (fluck me), but I hate that you’re right!!!

(11) Male gigalow = player, female gigalow = maneater, or extreme cases -> whore. I don’t mind that first label at all. At least it’s a label :-). The W-word should banned.

(12) Men know exactly what type of woman they want, women don’t know what they want till it hits them in the head. Disagree again – we know what we want, but never seem to be able to find it in one man. Getit?

(13) Men are gullible to compliments from women, women have heard all the compliments, so every compliment to them is a pick-up line. Huhuh again. We’re not jaded. At all 😉

(14) Men still believe in cave rules, when courting women. Women change their rules every second, so you can never keep up (unless you’re a woman, female intuition). So, keep up and learn to think on your feet, man!

(15) Men live by hard coded rules, women live by feel good rules. Huhuh. It’s the 21st century. Where have you been living?

(16) To be a man, society insinuates that you have to work, sweat, go through some kind of initiation ceremony of some sort, to be a woman according to society, you have to do things in moderation, and never out do your male counterpart. See nr 15. You gotta get out more. Women are making the rules these days 😉

(17) Males are competitive with each other in everything, females are also very competitive but mostly in beauty (lol! One similiarity). NO NO NO! *starting to wonder if I’m really a woman*

(18) It is inevitable according to society for a man to cheat on his girlfriend/wife, but a woman that cheats on her man is a complete shock (it’s changing nowadays). Not in my world. Where DO you live?

(19) Men get married because of pressure from family, and because of being tired of playing the field, women get married for security, and to have a family. Wrong again. We get pressured ‘coz they don’t want to take care of spinsters. It’s embarassing – to them, not us

(20) Men don’t turn down women, whenever an exception of this case occurs, the scenario must’ve been a no or die situation whereby if he accepted the girl’s offer, he would’ve lost everything, including his girlfriend and family, women, no matter even if they liked the guy, will turn down a man, and the reason is to see if the guy’s serious about her. I don’t remember this. I was too happy to have a guy asking. Again, where do you live? There’s no exception- men can’t say no to temptation. Period.

So what’s YOUR (yes, I’m pointing at you) opinion on this? Are you going to educate NM or not?

Edit: FM – NM IS from Tshwane. Good Grief. Now I really Must Ask – where do the women you fraternise with really come from? Mars?


Comments on: "I’m bored and not lus for work" (22)

  1. borrel said:

    ek soek jou al heel dag om te se dat die wedding pics op is,

  2. JustWilliam said:

    ek s niks….gaan werk..lol

  3. JournoJen said:

    Whoa a lot of topics we could debate for hours about here! Men will argue for one thing and women for another. Let’s rather keep quiet so you can get back to your work 😉

  4. Neutral Man said:

    lol! Dizzy I agree alot of this is chauvinistic and I might be from mars, lmao! It was all done light heartedly, most of it is from a male’s perspective but I’m open to debates… Thanks for debating…

  5. Killakat said:

    No Man Tweak. Come one over to the dark side (no pun intended at ALL!!)lol!

  6. Same shit different day said:

    Nee man Dizzy – too much brain overload for this time of day, besides YOU’VE GOT WORK TO DO – me too 😉

  7. Killakat said:

    Hoeko’s jy so stadag v’dag? Was al kla’ daar. Sie’jy, die Mrs’ery is al kla besig met jou ;-))

  8. Killakat said:

    Ai JW, ga’ nou na jou blog toe 😉

  9. Killakat said:

    NO NO NO JJ….puhleesee??;-)

  10. Killakat said:

    Glad I could assist. And bring you over to the dark side *evil cackle*So, what’s next?

  11. Blue Angel said:


  12. Killakat said:

    I know, check how bored I am, actually hanging around to comment….yoh…I’ll work tomorra 😉

  13. Killakat said:

    Hello You. Long time no see. Can I visit with you today? 😉

  14. Killakat said:

    Coward. Woos. More? 😉

  15. hutton said:


  16. davidsdance said:

    Gaan Vaaldam toe en miskien Baai toe – nog nie hierdie blog gelees nie maar sal moet – lyk baie interessant – give it Dizzy!!!

  17. JoDay said:

    Hehehe… I don’t think ALL men or women are the same… there’s always exceptions. x

  18. Killakat said:

    *sigh* Why MUST you be the (only) voice of reason? ;-))

  19. Killakat said:

    Ek’s skoon jaloers. Gaan nêrens nie. Blerrie 😉

  20. sideview said:

    7 – mn may have been created first, but as with most invention, the next release is the improved version – the woman!

  21. Killakat said:

    Ta, you too Koko((hugs))

  22. Killakat said:

    of course ! ;-)tx for the visit SideV

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