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Our bi-monthly meeting today was a feck up as usual. Every session, we note new items to be discussed, we minute actions for the responsible person to action it. MissChairman even sends it out previous minutes a few days in advance in order to get feedback, which should translate into a shorter meeting.

By the next scheduled meeting, we (I actually think me and MC are on our own here, so we = myself and MC) expect all open items to be resolved.

We also don’t expect a rehashing of old issues. People Men don’t pay attention and talk too much. (I say this because myself and MC are the only women in attendance. She runs it but has no say in anything. She’s a minute taker. And she can’t call them to order. Not because she’s a woos or she don’t know how).

They (men = Testosterone Driven Machines = TDM’s) are talking wayyy too loud and too much for anyone (we) to hear them or understand them. Sorry, I must apologise, the TDM’s battle to even undesrtand each other.

Its like twenty people trying to talk simultaneously!

TDM1 – I have chest hair
TDM2 – you never told me you have chest hair
TDM3 – mine is blond
TDM4 – I told you about mine a month ago
TDM5 – you have chest hair? (points at TDM 3)
TDM6 – I bought a Ferrarri
TDM2 – I have a growth on my toe
TDM4 – my wife has one too, can I check it out?
TDM5 – what, chest hair?!
TDM1 – No, the Ferarri, you fool, don’t you listen?!
TDM3 – my baby just started walking yesterday
TDM5 – my wife’s pregnant again with nr 5
TDM6 – Dizzy, are you OK? (by this time my eyes have rolled back in their sockets and I’m half dead)

I was tapping my fingers after about another 5 minutes of this and we still hadn’t got common understanding about the chest hairs or the growth. I got a look from one and asked not to be so bitchy…I mean really!!….The look I gave was supposed to have incinerated him (figuratively of course).

I excused myself after another 5 (fake emergency call….)

MEN. I give up!


Comments on: "Testosterone" (7)

  1. Sundancer said:

    LOL. Enjoy the rest of the day Dizzy.

  2. Killakat said:

    LMAO…can you imagine the looks THEN? Come to think of it, I might just do that :-))

  3. Killakat said:

    Seems like the SOH is not completely AWOL 😉

  4. APisces said:


  5. kat64 said:

    LOL.Our bi-weekly meetings are terrible too!

  6. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Sounds infuriating. MC needs to get hard-assed with them.

  7. Same shit different day said:

    They’re a different species altogether, hope you have a better afternoon 🙂

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