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We all maintain facades in our lives – whether it’s at work or at home – think about all the people in k*k relationships who can’t get out for whatever reasons, they pretend that all’s well to kids and family; and then there are the people who hate their bosses….

Surely there are different situations that require different degrees of honesty? Is there such a thing as “degrees of honesty”? Or am I delusional?

If I am not completely honest, does that make me a less moral/ethical/principled/sincere person? Does it necessarily infer that, if I am not “honest”, I am lying?

At work – you don’t just blab (to their faces) that you think your colleague is a puff pastry, or that the other one needs some Listerine, or that your boss is an asshole or that yet another colleague should make more effort with her wardrobe. You might drop some hints though, like being subtly disdainful, facetious, recommend that they wear less brown, etc…but people tend to ignore signs like these…

At home – you don’t quite tell hubby that you have a flirt at work that makes you feel like a million bucks, or that you bought a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes knowing he’s going to bitch about it (being in a recession and all, you know…?) the list is endless (ok mine is…)

You are not (always) absolutely brutally honest for various reasons – you don’t wanna hurt someone’s feelings, you might get backlash at work etc.

So my question is this – how forthright/honest/straightforward/frank should you be? I’ll use some examples, from my own dizzyingly honest life *winks*  

You guys know I have no ooghare for KK (bossman). I despise him. But before I continue, may I just inform you that I’ve had managers whom I had the utmost respect for. I have no issue with people in “authority”.

Another fact – KK’s lost about 7 employees in the past 5 years – need I say more? So – yes, I see you nodding your heads – he is indeed a prick.

There’s been many a time when I was quite disrespectful and facetious to him, and pointed out when I thought he was wrong….he just continued asif I never spoke…either he’s just dof or very shrewd…Had I told him straight to his face that I think he’s an idiot and why, how would that have impacted my life here? If he was an honourable person, he’d take the critique and do something about it.

Result:- I am civil, I laugh when I have to, I am friendly when I have to be. We have no relationship whatsoever. A leader (in my humble opinion) would have gauged that I merely tolerate him and called me in (yonks ago) to address our issues and come to some sort of truce. He never bothered.

I love husband (at least I think I do, what is love anyway…Ok I’ll stop). We have quite an open & honest relationship (I think). Yet I have not told him about my blogging. It’s a whole new life / experience. It invigorates me. There’s no excitement at home, he’s stuck in a rut, I’m not. I love evolving / exploring new things (on many levels).

I suggested one specific thing and he got all affronted and moody, because “he’s not good enough for me” so I’ve left it. Now I find ways to spice up my life – i.e. I have my secrets – Is this wrong?

*naughty grin* If you fantasise about someone else when you’re making whoopee with your partner – do you tell them? *even I know that would be just stooopid*…

Bottom line – I am selective with the truth, my feelings, my opinions.

So am I a hypocrite? Should I feel k*k because I pretend, or maintain a façade? *must say, I’m a damn good actor*

Are you (points at reader) really honest on all levels? Should you always be absolutely brutally honest with everyone and about every facet of your life?
If you were, would there be any repercussions? Are you ready to deal with those repercussions once you let it all hang out?


Comments on: "Face Off Face On" (22)

  1. Luvvit said:

    The skeletons in my closet are there for a reason – no need to bring them out. I think we are all a little “dishonest” in our own ways – maybe just the circumstances are different…Awesome post Dizzy!

  2. bronwyntivers said:

    Nobody is completely honest. It’s not possible. There are things we all keep to ourselves – more often than not because the consequences make it not worth sharing. If I told my boss what a moron I think he is it wouldn’t do either of us any good so why bother?

  3. granny47 said:

    Very good post Dizzy..not a person alive who is completely honest.They might not even be aware of it.My God…if I was completely honest my life would be completely different.

  4. Killakat said:

    Me thinks so too. And we should not feel guilty about it at all…

  5. Killakat said:

    We think alike Bronwyn..

  6. Killakat said:

    Beautifully said Cindy. Thanks

  7. Cands84 said:

    Hmm… interesting post Dizzy! 🙂

  8. Killakat said:

    Yet there are those who think they are…and then stand in judgment of those they think are not. It irritates me no endThanks Granny

  9. Killakat said:


  10. borrel said:

    lmao you had me at puff pastry

  11. Killakat said:

    My aim is to entertain Bumble 🙂

  12. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    There’s a time and place for honesty. Some people can handle it, while others prefer half-truths.

  13. caiventer said:

    Interesting how life works: some want in and others want out. Or worse: once we get what we want we don’t want it any longer. What is it that we’re all looking for???

  14. Killakat said:

    EV…I have no idea…But is it not human nature to be changing all the time? Not necessarily looking for something?

  15. Killakat said:

    I’m sorry V’Pop…we just pretend we’re not thinking what we’re thinking? 😉

  16. sipho.hlongwane said:
  17. pixie24 said:

    Off course we all have our own secrets.Some share easier than other people.Somedays I feel like sharing some days not. I think the things you keep to yourself is the ones that hurt.We pretend to keep the crowd happy.;-)

  18. hutton said:

    Face on 😉

  19. MyBestFriend said:

    Ons almal vertel halwe waarhede, maar dink nie dit maak ons sleg nie. Soms doen mens dit sonder dat jy eers daaroor nagedink het. Baie goeie post. Dankie Dizzy

  20. JournoJen said:

    I think its necessary to keep the mystery in any relationship. I’m not talking about having affairs and stuff…but your hubby really doesn’t need to know 100% of your daily life 🙂 My bf also doesn’t know I blog

  21. Killakat said:

    JJ – how could you…*winks* There are limits …

  22. Mahesi said:

    same here Dizzy, I am selective with my truth, feelings and opinions.really good post.

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