… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

A Journey…

….Into self discovery….

The act or process of achieving understanding or knowledge of oneself. Or

Discovering your own individuality

My friends and husband have already asked me …Why?…Don’t you know your wants, needs, likes, dislikes, dreams yet? ….Which led me to believe that they are actually (more) scared of this journey I plan on taking…because what if I’m far worse a person than I am now? What if I become this real monster?….What if I decide I want to make drastic changes in my life?….We’ll have to wait and see…

Sure I know who I am…I have an identity…I am who I am…but events over the past days/weeks has begged of me to take a step back and re-examine that which I believe in. That which I have become….is it who I want to be…is it really who I am? What do I want from life…from myself…from those around me…what impact do I want to make on those around me….do I just want to “be” or do I really truly want to live…be the best I can be (ja, all cliche’s, don’t remind me…)

…I am taking time out to rediscover all that which I have been neglecting…my spirituality…my family…my relationships….my career…I don’t know if it will be any different to who / what I am now….but it’s going to be a blast….I have not decided how to do this yet…still a work in progress…but it’s going to be fun finding out….

I’m not taking a break from blogging…nope, I will use this space to share and develop…if at all….if nothing new comes off this journey…well, then I know…but what if something extraordinary comes off it?

It also doesn’t mean that there won’t be anymore “Dizzy” posts…bear with me….I can’t wait….



Comments on: "A Journey…" (24)

  1. pixie24 said:

    gd luck Dizzy!

  2. Killakat said:

    Thank you so much Pixiex

  3. Sundancer said:

    Good luck on your journey Dizzy. It will be interesting to read your posts about it.

  4. Killakat said:

    Thanks, I’m nogals nervous about it…

  5. shaynix said:

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading some inspirational stuff 🙂

  6. mythought said:

    Pretty cool but I always wonder what map book people use when doing this journey thing?

  7. foot loose said:

    Look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy.

  8. Killakat said:

    Shay, some will be fun, some serious, maybe inspiritational…;-)

  9. fallenlilangel said:

    Good luck… self discovery is great!have a great day!

  10. Killakat said:

    Haha Mythought…I won’t be using one at all….

  11. Killakat said:

    Thanks FootLoose…

  12. Killakat said:

    Super B – do you think there’s something in the water? 😉

  13. Killakat said:

    Thanks Fallen Angel, dunno quite how to go about it, but what the heck…doing it anyways 🙂

  14. Devy_Nif said:

    we are what we want to be. May your journey be blessed and give you what you truly seek. Nif…

  15. Mahesi said:

    This is great Dizzy, you will enjoy the benefits.LOL @ Mythought

  16. Killakat said:

    I agree…but where does what God wants for me fit in? This is what I want to know…Thanks for the heads up

  17. Killakat said:

    I sure hope so Sparklexx

  18. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Dizzy,Thanks for the suggestion but I our bath really isn’t all that big – so if we were to try to bath together I think we may land up calling the fire department to come cut us out of it LOLHave a good one and good luck with the journey 🙂

  19. Killakat said:

    Thanks Madmom…have you done it? Some advice for me?

  20. Killakat said:

    Sing the ass off that song Quircyx, you’ll sommer feel TONS better ;-))

  21. Killakat said:

    *nou’s ek sommer nervous*….Thanks Cindy, hope I don’t bore you guys to tears 🙂

  22. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    I’m sure something ‘exraordinary’ will come out of this journey. And glad that there’s still going to be Dizzy posts 😉

  23. hutton said:


  24. caiventer said:

    Dizzy, I’m constantly facing the dilemma of feeling I’m not achieving my true goal: being who I am. Maybe somehow we are who we are, but life’s so full of other garble that we’re somewhere hidden amongst it all. Let me know the way to self-discovery, if you find it.

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