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Aan Liefie – the penny’s finally dropped. You couldn’t give a flying fuck whether I’m a morning person or not, right? You just couldn’t care that I asked very nicely over the past – oh maybe 14 years – that you just leave me alone in the morning. Maar nee, jy moet jou groot fokken bek elke fokken keer oopmaak en my iets vra of my uittart (translation: you can’t keep your mouth shut in the morning)….Ok then, you should have told me a long time ago. Now I know what to do……

That k@k application that I have to support. Who the bloody hell knows why some records are going missing? I’m not the friggin’ developer / programmer who can actually answer that bloody questions. HELL, THEY (useless assholes) couldn’t even narrow down the problem, I had to bloody do it for them. So WTF am I supposed to do now? Toor (rip) the solution out of my ass??

NO. I did not make use of the bloody app. mandatory. Your CEO did. I rolled it out. I support it. THAT IS IT. I am not a programmer so don’t ask me about bloody scripts and talk in programming lingo and k@k. Go fly a kite

And no, don’t speak to me in that tone of voice. IS IT MY FAULT????

I am sorry if your users are too sensitive to take straight talk. I promise I will “flower” it up next time and write an essay instead of giving clear instructions on your next steps and alternatives. At least then you will have no excuse to use, i.e. We didn’t like the way Dizzy spoke to us so we won’t use that thing….Whose reporting is all cocked up – mine or YOURS?? Go figure!!! *throws hands up in disgust*

If you want to waste your time and breath chairing 2 x 2 hour meetings where ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FUCKING NEW is discussed and communicated to ME, please exclude me from it. I’ve got better things to do with my time. Like blogging. I missed a whole bloody day of it…..Better yet, send me an agenda next time then I can politely excuse myself

If you are not going to invite the RIGHT people to your meetings, don’t expect THE RIGHT support, or any decisions to be made. Really. Don’t. Those guys had no effing clue what you were talking about, nor did they know why they were invited. Terrible planning I tell you

Guys guys guys – you asked me to prepare a GAP analysis comparing the two systems. The new one wins hands down. So why is there still a discussion on whether you want to migrate to the damn thing or not? Grow some balls and make a decision man!!!

We (IT) cannot force people to migrate to this new whooha. We can make recommendations. We can even make compelling arguments (i.e. IT business case – which we did) for it. BUT IF business does not have the money for it OR see the need for it….*But remember, every product has a lifecycle…this one is reaching it’s sell by date….FAST*…..I don’t think I need to say anything more….

OK, so you don’t know why business should be paying for this – to me it is CLEAR. The Ones who are actually going to use it must pay for it. NOT us – IT. We are not going to benefit from it. Business will. Productivity increases & cost reduction. How difficult is it?Sure you can put two and two together…..*slaps forehead* ….Oh wait – We Did that for you……

We (IT) won’t be spending more on infrastructure than planned – that’s the beauty of it. It is an “on demand” solution, hosted off site (over theeeeere in the US). We just have to ensure that we have sufficient bandwidth for you to access it speedily and effectively. THAT IS IT. No support costs, no additional training for support personnel. NADA. OK, so the costs are included in your user fee….. but you don’t know that do you???

Lastly, to that guy, yes you – I don’t give a rats ass about the boiling point of water and why it makes bubbles like a bloody whirlpool or bubblebath or whatever…go tell someone who gives a fuck…

The only redeeming point of this whole futile day was that I got to spend some time with that gorgeous director…..

Hope you guys have a fabulous evening


Comments on: "In Retrospect…." (12)

  1. Sundancer said:

    Sjoe Dizzy I think you need some chill time. Have a big glass of wine when you get home…

  2. borrel said:

    sounds like you had a good day?

  3. Luvvit said:

    *LMN gives you a chocolate slab to make your day better*It’s such a drag not being a bright and perky morning person – I just can’t seem to get it right, but my family has learnt really well to steer clear of me!

  4. Killakat said:

    Bumble – WHAT? WAS I NOT CLEAR??? *joke* :-))LMN – I don’t understand it…why can’t he just leave me the f**k alone…? Is it such a difficult concept to grasp *sigh*

  5. Killakat said:

    PS LMN – thanks for the cadbury’s :-))

  6. davidsdance said:

    Ooo Dizzy – jy kort ‘n flippen sterk drankie skat!! Geniet die aand!!!

  7. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Goodness – what a day you’ve had!! And trust some jerk to make it worse, by asking a stupidly irrelevant question about the boiling point of water!! Eish!

  8. Your posts always give me a chuckle! You’re like me…write as you speak…LOL(hugs)

  9. violentfemme said:

    Nothing like a good old-fashioned bitch fit! Works every time!

  10. hutton said:


  11. svenwg said:

    Having read a lot of posts by IT support staff, I am glad that I never understood computers at all. Managed to pass Binary in standard 6&7, but that was it. You guys have very frustrating days dealing with end users like me lol.

  12. StephanKuhn said:

    there’s a link on my blog where you can find the code for the badge.

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