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Suicide Watch

I believe this week is “national suicide watch week”… we are to pay attention to the people around us and be vigilant for erratic / abnormal behaviour, depression,  et al….we’ll be getting quite dizzy doing that because every bloody tom dick and harry are confused, depressed and displays some form of erratic behaviour (schizo’ is a good word) !! Ok, I act blasé … closely observe friends and family, if they display any of the above, they’re probably not depressed, but they’re been invaded by aliens….OK I’M SORRY….I’ll stop now…

This is serious, we should pay attention to friends and family. We never know when something like this can hit us. We never think that something like this is even being contemplated by someone close to us until it happens. Then we ask the obvious questions – why? we never knew? he was such a strong guy/girl?! he didn’t seem depressed! why…?

….there are always signs, we just never pay close enough attention….if you know someone close to you has experienced some form of devastation – losing a spouse, a parent, a child, or even a job – stick to them like glue. Even if they try reassuring you that they are fine. Chances are they are not…

These days even our children get depressed and we don’t realize it – life is harsher to what it was a few years ago – they are exposed to much more, the peer pressure is probably much worse than it ever was, they start having sex at the age of 13 for goodness sakes…! No wonder these children are confused….

And these people themselves seldom seem to realize that they actually need help – not just your help, but professional help as well. Part of the problem is their very denial….so please people, be vigilant. Don’t leave them alone even if they ask you to, rather observe, stay close….Encourage them to seek help…if they don’t to speak to you, maybe speaking to an unknown person would help….

I must also admit that all above advice is not foolproof. You are never guaranteed that what you are doing will prevent that person from doing something stupid….If people feel they are done with this life, no one can change their minds, not me, you, nor God Himself. They will find ways of getting the job done…but we can always try our damnedest…..

Husband’s best friend (Bf) committed suicide a few years ago (think it was about 8 years ago). He caught his adulterous wife literally in the act. I cannot imagine what that does to a man. We spoke to him. He didn’t seem depressed, but H could see Bf wasn’t himself. H asked, spoke and always got the same answer. Practically harassed the friend. Eventually spouse just dropped it. Bf first OD’d on sleeping pills, but he was found in time (by said wife nogals). After that everyone watched him like a hawk….

The second time he meant business. He was successful. The parents found his body in the garage. Said he was just going to fetch something he forgot at home….that was the last they saw him….What was scary is that he said goodbye to his mom and gave her a kiss….i think that was his final goodbye….

It is sad because it leaves everyone else behind feeling gawdalmighty guilty. That you didn’t see it. You didn’t do enough. You didn’t say enough. What does it do to a mother & father? Those people have never been the same. I don’t think they ever will. His daughter has to live with it for the rest of her life – my father didn’t have anything to live for….hence I wasn/t good enough to keep him here…

And his wife…do you blame her? What do you do? I think she will live with the guilt regardless. She may not have actually done anything but be adulterous, but ultimately, did she not pull the trigger? The saying goes…what goes around comes around….she’s in her second marriage. The new husband has cheated on her AND impregnated someone else……THAT’s KARMA.

Have a super day guys, a bit busy today but will pop in when I can….



Comments on: "Suicide Watch" (4)

  1. Sundancer said:

    Well they picked a good week as I feel really depressed at the moment. However I shall do my best not to off myself….

  2. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Good post. I believe that in places like Norway etc, this time of year is very high for suicides. Apparently the awful grey weather is a main contributer.

  3. Killakat said:

    Ambi – such weather will also drive me bonkers…Madmom – it does indeed baffle me…Did you guys know that in SA only, 22 people commit suicide every day? That is scary….

  4. JournoJen said:

    Listened to 5fm today where they were talking about the national suicide watch week…I think people become so entangled in their lives, they forget that other people may have problems!

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