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Spoilt Brats

From one extreme to the other….the brats (yesterday they were TA & B2…today the’re brats….how things change, eh?)….think that money grows on trees and that they deserve certain things in life, be it an Xbox and a Nintendo and CD’s and movies and THAT phone whenever they want ….we don’t agree.

They don’t have an Xbox, they don’t have Nintendo whatever. We take them to movies once a month, we eat out once a month (in those snazzy restaurants) they get clothes as they need them. The grandpa buys the “label” clothes because we refuse to. They have a PS2 which their grandpa bought as well….Spoilt brats….We had countless of arguments with the gramps over this and after many futile attempts to make him see sense, we’ve just given up….it’s his money, if he wants to be a spendthrift, so be it….

The ongoing saga in our house is wastage …I dish for them…they don’t clean their plates…I expect them to lick it clean…ok maybe not as bad. BUT no leftovers allowed. This is why I ask HOW MUCH do you want on your plate?? Same goes for cereals & their lunchboxes, every-thing related to food…there are people out there who scrounge through garbage bins to get something to eat, to wear, to drink…SO DO NOT WASTE!!! There are children who have to go to school without a shred of nourishment in their stomachs or shoes on their feet, HELL, there are children who have to WALK to school, you get dropped every morning??? Spoilt I tell you

This morning again…wasting the cereal and milk and sugar….so tomorrow I’m gonna make them go to school hungry…and they will not get lunch….see how it is to try and concentrate while your stomach is growling and you’re thirsty. Maybe THAT will teach them….



Comments on: "Spoilt Brats" (9)

  1. borrel said:

    Sounds a bit extreme, but maybe they will learn?

  2. Killakat said:

    I know it does, but we talk too much…it’s time for action!!

  3. net myself said:

    maybe it will be a lesson well learnt. good luck.

  4. MyBestFriend said:

    I feel the same some days. Good luck!

  5. bronwyntivers said:

    I remember when I was small and we got the story about starving children etc etc. I told my mom to give the food to them then. Needless to say I did not get a favourable response!! But I was not given the option of choosing how much I wanted!!Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Luvvit said:

    Dizzy – seems it’s a common problem. I remember being forced to sit at the table until all my dinner was finished, no matter what. It took hours sometimes…But I now understand – wasting is so unnecessary – and so expensive too.Let us know how the “lesson” turned out!

  7. caiventer said:

    I’ll bring my own plate next I’m visiting!!! And hide the dreaded veggies in my pocket…

  8. svenwg said:

    Dizzy, I found the best way to get them to finish their food, is to allow them the privelage of putting their own food onto their plates. Anything that they served themselves must be eaten. If they do not want someting they do not put it onto their plate.

  9. davidsdance said:

    hee hee hee – sorry but this tickled me so much. I can swop you a teenage girl for your boys for a week if you want!!! Oh the joys of being a parent hey!!

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