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I don’t want my babies to grow up!! ….anymore…..asseblief….!!

Two weeks ago, B2 asked me who my Valentine was. Being cryptic, I said it was “someone”

B2: Who’s that someone? Why is it not daddy
Me: I never said it wasn’t daddy….do you have one? (hint: right answer is NO)
B2: Yeeheessss….. (sing song voice)
Me: WHAT?!! I told you no girlfriends and crap until you’re 21
B2: So why did you ask?
Me: Pfffffttttttt
Me: So who’s it?
B2: X…. you know her
Me: WHAT? STILL????? (he’s liked her since last year….) Get another one
B2: I’m not a player, Ma. I’m a nice guy

On one hand I’m chuffed that my son is such a gentleman, on the other I’m totally freaked out here!!! He’s only 10 for goodness sakes (ok turning 11 in a week’s time). He obviously asks me to take him to the shops to get something for her, which I did, which brought on a whole new argument…

Me: I think some choccies and maybe bathsalts…
B2: then she’s gonna think I think she smells….and she smells very nicely, Ma (oh dear….)
Me: Ok, what then

Chooses a mug + choccies + a teddy bear……

B2: Who’s paying, you or me?
Me: But it’s too much, you’re spoiling her…will she even appreciate it? (what I remember about this girl is that she dumped him for his best friend….who’s the player here?)
B2: I like her, and I want to show her how much I like her (I’m now close to tears…)

He chooses a card….You Bring out The Tiger In Me? REALLY!!!!!

Me: You don’t need a card, you’ve got a gift bag with a card on
B2: (loudly, waving his hands at me) YOU CAN’T give a present without a card, Mummy, get real (some people overheard and are laughing their asses off)
Me: (defeated) Ok then. I just hope she appreciates what you did for her

He begged me to take them to a movie (it just doesn’t get better, does it?) Being a bit pressed for time I conceded to take them for a milkshake and whatever. We went to collect her (she barely had any clothes on, how could her mother let her go out like that? Sheez, if it was my daughter she’d be covered from neck to toe….AND have no make-up on at all…)

And it was a roaring failure…the bloody child didn’t wanna do anything…..”Do you feel like pizza” “No thank you” “Some milkshake” “No Thank you” “What bout an ice cream” “No thank you” “Shall we go home?” “No thank you” …..Grrrrr……I was more upset for B2…he’d been looking forward to this for a whole bloody WEEK!!! Sjoh, I was pissed off….but didn’t say a word. He told me later she’s not too lekker, “Maybe she was sick, mummy”….Ok darling, if you say so….

TA came with….he eventually gave B2 a peace of his mind….she’s not a lekker cherrie…..get another one….she don’t deserve you, boet….(so sweet)….poor baby….but eventually B2 admitted that it was a flop and she’s only got spunk when she’s with her friends….yoh, you must see her in action then…can’t shut her up…..Anyways, B2 seems to have recovered quite well….told me that he will give her a peace of his mind if she even dares telling her friends it was boring….Go sweetie pie, you tell them… ;-))

As for TA – his Valentine moved to Jo’burg….poor sod….I asked him are you sure she’s still your Valentine? He just gave me a disgusted look asif to say…how could you even ask me a question like that?…Because we had taken his phone away (we caught him lying to us a few weeks before) he was depressed as he couldn’t call her….being a softie I convinced Spouse to give him the damn thing just to call her….the smile on his face….like sunshine….and all was hunkydory….and promptly took it back after an hour…..that should teach him a lesson….*evil grin*

……Sigh, please can they stop growing now? I wished they only grew up to age 10 – they’re independent, you can have a decent conversation with them, you can still control them, and there’s no girls involved….*sigh*


And on Sunday my Wonda was rear-ended…AGAIN…my poor car just don’t seem to be having a good run of it recently….up the ass twice….side skirting gone….rims damaged…what next (and please note – this is all spouse’s doing…)

Spouse & TA went dropping the movies we’d hired on Saturday (wasn’t a complete wash-out, took both boys to go get whatever they hadn’t seen yet, so had a lekker movie eve at home, bonding…)….on the way back the idiots behind them didn’t brake in time (two cars and a one-ton bakkie involved, the bakkie’s brakes seemed to have failed)….and BONK, straight into Spouse ‘nd all…..the Wonda doesn’t look bad – you’d actually not even say it was in a bumper bashing….actually you wouldn’t see anything but a tiny mark where the other car connected ….

…..but can’t say the same for the other two….the other car’s radiator fell out, both bumpers in hulle moer….the bakkie’s also lost his bumper and some damage to radiator ….buy Honda people, they are resilient cars…..

I’d just started wondering why they were taking so long when spouse phoned “Been in an accident” My poor heart “No not too bad, the bumpers been damaged” “Is julle OK?” “Ja, net a bietjie geruk, ons is nou by die huis” Yah right asif I was gonna wait at home….jumped into his car to go check it out myself….quite a spectacle….everyone driving past knowing my car called “….what happened? You ok? Who’s at fault?….” Jirrie, mense laaik goeters…..

TA was fine, just chuffed that mummy came to the rescue…although he would’ve liked to stay there a bit longer (attention and all)….but later was glad I came coz’ husband only got back after 4 ….luckily the person who owns the bakkie does have insurance….we need to have the car checked out for any unseen damage…apparently the safety features might have been affected coz’ it was quite a bump….maybe the rear suspension…but it seems to be just fine….but we’ll make sure….hold thumbs…

TA was telling me how the bakkie-guy was crying….they felt sorry for him…WHAT?! He’d been in another accident last week…COME ON…two in a row and you feel sorry for him….he’s either bought his license, or the brakes are jinxed….or he’s just a menace on the road….of course I was reprimanded for being so cold / unfeeling…. Hmpf! Men, they’re too emotional

What a lovely weekend, hey?

Hope you have a super week



Comments on: "Valentines and a delayed Friday the 13th….." (8)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    I don’t even want to think about what happens when girlfriends / image etc start forming part of our lives with Connor…too scary!!!Sounds like a fun weekend, though, for the most part!!Have a good one Dizzy 🙂

  2. Luvvit said:

    It kills me to see the kiddies growing up – and I sure as hell don’t like the whole girlfirend / boyfriend thing – those are my babies and no-one will ever be good enough for them… 🙂

  3. Killakat said:

    Scary indeed!!Ive tried pretending it doesn’t happen (denial), but it’s either you accept it and go with the flow, or not have a proper relationship with your kids…

  4. Mahesi said:

    Haha! but it’s good though that you have an open relationship with your son.

  5. Killakat said:

    Sparkle, I agree, I know it probably won’t last, so I enjoy it till then…:-))

  6. fallenlilangel said:

    ;-)))What pics Dizzy???

  7. caiventer said:

    Most parents want them to grow up, then stay small…Er…scratching my head…

  8. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Ag I feel sorry for B2. His crush was such a let down.

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