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Fed up

Why are we – people who are so-called well-off – made to feel guilty that we have some money?

Why should we feel guilty that we have a house, two cars, stay in a nice suburb while you don’t’?

Why should we feel guilty because we’re able to buy take-outs every week and eat in nice restaurants every now and then?

Why should I feel guilty when I buy clothes for me and my children?

Should I make your dire situation my problem?

Surely my contribution to the government should be enough? Is it not the governments’ responsibility to take care of the poor and needy and homeless, etc? They sure get enough money from us to spend billions on crappy projects (the Street-name changes comes to mind…)

Yes, the government is failing terribly in meeting the needs of the poor, and yet again these very poor people who are not being treated fairly by that very same government they voted into power 15 years ago are being promised that social grants will increase, and basic HC will be provided and they will get houses, and employment and whatnot – and the masses believe these empty promises…..And guess who are they going to vote for come 22 April???

So whose problem should this be? Mine and yours (pointing at you reading this blog)? Or the government’s? Where does our responsibility end?

Believe me, I do feel sorry for everyone who does not have a home and a job and food to eat. I do what I can when I can. But the moment you make your problem mine – i.e. not having money to come home from Pietersburg because you’ve spent everything we’ve given you and more, now you want us to see to your ticket home –then I get all pissed off because I feel you are exploiting me…..


Comments on: "Fed up" (7)

  1. colleen_figg said:

    spot on! no guilt for me, if I were ever well off!(re open dialogue – I have never met a child who will tell his parents anything,and everything – that is a stupid idea made up by parenting gurus)

  2. Luvvit said:

    *LMN looks behind her – are you looking at me???*Same old, same old – people like this remind me of my kids – they think I am an ATM…

  3. Sivuyisiwe said:

    Yeah right,they just think you owe them for your success, it feel like they are saying “Now that you have made it can i have a share in your success”.

  4. violentfemme said:

    At the end of the day, according to me, it all comes down to over-population! They should give teenage girls a three-monthly birth control shot at school. Just think of it!

  5. hutton said:


  6. davidsdance said:

    Guilt is not necessary -if you have EARNED it (notice emphasis aka some of our more prominent members of society) you should feel free to spend it in whatever way you want with no guilt!

  7. Killakat said:

    Colleen – from now on I will just “talk* with my children ;-)LMN – mine thinks it grows on trees ;-)DS – those guys who ask for handouts, rather than wanting to work for it, the ones who thinks you just “landed” in it.Vuyi – precisely, i worked bloody hard for what i haveYes Mellie – that is part of the problemOC – am I that bad?Thanks HuttonMissChris – precisely!

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