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A week in my life would not be complete without a bitching session…but at least this one is not as bad as the “no-holds-barred” one from last week…..

To Husband

I have made peace with a lot of your personality traits over the two decades we’ve been together, but every now and then I would really appreciate more support than you give me. I know it seems like I prefer doing stuff on my own. Mostly I do….because we end up arguing over stupid stuff. And I know you leave me to do these things because you don’t lus for it or because I’m full of shit and will just criticise you if it’s not done according to my standards. But – lo and behold – I don’t always like facing parent’s meetings and doctors alone. I am a big girl, I can handle my shit, but every now and then you can actually take an interest in the kids’ well being and make an effort to take them to the doc’s – and no…not just phoning me afterwards to find out if all’s OK. Actually making an effort YOURSELF.

And it’s not very nice of you to say shit like “yah, you’re probably in trouble at school, that’s why you don’t want to go to school” when the child is complaining of a headache or whatever. Remember what happened the last time? It was terrible, so I don’t take anymore chances…

They ARE still kids and we need to give them the benefit of the doubt. A doctor will tell us if the child is faking or not. Then you can take it up with them. If they are feeling like crap, let them stay home. You wanna cry like a baby when you are sick, so why be so harsh with the kids?

And to tell me it’s up to me if I wanna take them to the doctor – what shit is that? As a parent it is your responsibility to make decisions as well, not abrogate your duties wholly to me?! I am not in this alone, you know. Sometimes it actually stresses me out because I am so worried about them.

Lastly, my job is just as important as yours. I may hate my boss, but I actually like my job. Remember that. I cannot be making special arrangements every time the children are sick. Two weeks in a row is a bit much, isn’t it? Yes, we do work very flexibly, but enough is enough…

To The Boss (BFP)

If you are going to be interfering in my work – taking over stuff – then bloodywell take responsibility for it. Don’t fuckingwell run with it halfway – oh sorry, not EVEN blerriewell halfway through – and then pass the buck back to me when you hit a brick wall.

Worst of all, you have the nerve to say time and again “I had no idea they were doing this” or “I don’t know what THEY are on about”? Have I not proven to you that doing stuff behind my back does not work? I will find out, whether it takes a week or a month. I WILL FIND OUT.

Do you think you look good starting something, excluding me from negotiations, then passing the buck to me when it suits you? You keep on blerrie boasting that you know everything about this and you can do all of that…well fuckingwell prove it to me, you prick!

Another thing, you are supposed to be a blerrie leader – we both know that you’re not. Why do I say that – you’ve been overlooked for possible (senior) promotions TWICE now since I’ve been here. Doesn’t that say something? But I digress…. seeing that you are supposed to be (a leader, that is), why not try and actually take the lead with something and follow through? And make a stand for what you believe in. You can actually sommer make a bloody decision while you are at it! But I guess that is just too much to ask, right? Newsflash – you don’t have a clue, nor does your so-called contracts manager. Bloody useless the both of you. This is why I am right back to square one after bloody 6 fucking months of preparation & negotiations. You guys are a circus. And you are using me as your bloody clown. I will only take that much….

Soon your boss will start seeing it, because you may not know it, but I am building a case against you. Mark my words…one day, your circus act will be over. Didn’t I prove to you that you don’t mess with me? ….catch a wake up boet, I’ve had it with you, and I am not taking your shit lying down anymore.

Sincerely yours

Your (bitch) of an employee


Comments on: "Bitch Bitch Moun Moun" (8)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    Hey Dizzy,Sorry you’re feeling crappy…I hope it gets better!!Have a good one 🙂

  2. foot loose said:

    You go girl!

  3. Choccies said:

    Hugs and come Choccies to cheer you up.

  4. svenwg said:

    Dizzy, I envy your faith in your ability to better prepare your children for the peer pressure they will have to contend with at some time in their laives by being open and being their “Friend”.

  5. Luvvit said:

    You just tell them – hope you’ve printed this out and distributed accordingly?It’s funny how often you are expected to be supportive and make decisions and be all big a nd growed up and responsbile and strong, and you are never allowed to have a moment of weakness where you just want don’t want to be supermom/human…

  6. Killakat said:

    LMN – sometimes we actually just wanna be girls, right?Bloggie – take your pick – Big Fat Pr..k, Big F**king Pr*k….you choose ;-)OC & Foot Loose – ;-))Choccies & Bronwyn – thanks 🙂

  7. Sundancer said:

    Sjoe that’s telling them….

  8. borrel said:

    Sounds like you are having an exciting dy, sorry dizzy:(

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