… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

….And no, I will not be quoting that well known poem by that equally well known poet….

Yesterday Miss Naughty blogged about that thing called unconditional love and posed quite an interesting argument around it…I missed the debate completely, but it got me thinking about it a bit….this is my take on love itself…

Once I’ve found a kindred spirit, I love deeply…sometimes unconditionally and sometimes not. But once I’ve given the gift of my love & devotion (sexually or not) I am yours for as long as you will have me…All I ask is that you accept me as I am, damaged, outspoken, demanding, quiet (on occasion), raucous on most, with crooked teeth and all….and that you not betray that love; you can be assured of my undying devotion and loyalty…

I loved my dogs (Scratchy, Sneezy and Bubbles) unconditionally….
    they didn’t expect much, just that I feed them, care for them and not scream at them too much. 
    they hated my brother though. 
    I was very sad when they died (actually one was stolen, one poisoned, one bumped by a car)

I love my children unconditionally despite
    Their sometimes irritating talkativeness
    Their argumentativeness
    Their downright contrariness
    Through the white lies (why do they think they can get away with it?)
    Their moodswings (sounds like someone I know)
    Even when they anger me
    Or disappoint me or sadden me
That bond was formed way before I even gave birth, I will fight fiercely to protect them any way I know how….it is sometimes irrational…unexplainable…. it’s just one of those things….

I love my siblings despite
    Their selfishness
    Their conditions imposed on me (what to say, when, and how)
    Whether I see them or not
    Whether they are what I expect them to be or not
    The drama & trauma they’ve put me through

I love my dad despite 
    Not being the father I thought him to be
    Not being the father I wanted him to be
    I have learnt to trust him, believe in him with flaws and all
All he asks is that I love him in return

I love all my friends 
    Past or present
    Here or departed
    Whether I hear from them or not
    They always have a place in my heart
    Except the ones who betrayed me…they’re all buried somewhere (joke)

My extended family…
    I just love because of who they are
    their diversity
    their loyalty
    their support    

My husband….its complicated…but I am getting there slowly but surely….I am committed to him

I loved my mom conditionally
    Before I really knew her
    Once I got to know her my love for her was unsurpassable…
    No conditions…
    No ifs ands or buts
    No holds barred….

Once I love it is for keeps, it is with no reservations….

Betrayal is the only cure for this ailment called love…once you’ve passed that boundary…a door will be closed…I may forgive you, but I may never love you the same or ever again….

And that is love in my life…

Have a fab day everyone



Comments on: "How do I Love Thee…." (10)

  1. Killakat said:

    Hi DarksydeI qualified it…my love for my children is unconditional…how could they possibly betray me?

  2. Luvvit said:

    Interesting post Dizzy – I tell you – there are ALOT of different opinions out there! I guess that in the end, it is our own interpretation of unconditional love that matters the most!!!Lol @ the extended family and their diversity – me thinks that sometimes that this is the wedge that drives most families apart…

  3. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Love makes the world go round but seriously you are right betrayal is the worst thing.

  4. Killakat said:

    Sundancer – it kills everything, trust, love. Recovering from it is sometimes not possibleMiss N – yip, interpretations it is…I have quite a diverse family – Indian (Muslim/Hindi), Black, White, Coloured – a regular smartie box!! Tolerance is the name of the gamex

  5. Mahesi said:

    interesting Dizzy…

  6. davidsdance said:

    Yes Dizzy – another one!! Betrayal is the pits and hard to recover from UNLESS it is your children!! that is what makes unconditional love of our children possible.

  7. glyofbly said:

    Lovely words Dizzy. :-)I case you made the same mistake as I did – that poem was not ole Willem Wikkelspies.Ouch! for your comment. 🙂

  8. Moonz said:

    Your story below breaks my heart :(I enjoyed reading this unconditional love post. You’ve covered all types. Nicely done. Hope your tired get pumped up again soon :)xxx

  9. glyofbly said:

    Betrayal.Interesting concept. The value our society places on sexual intercourse outside a monogamous relationship.Will get back to this one later. This also ties in with the unconditional love thing. Hmmmmm ……

  10. Killakat said:

    MLM – betrayal comes in different forms in my opinion….to love to hold, to protect…if you don’t honor that…it’s a form of betrayal in my eyesThanks to all :-))

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