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Been hanging around trawling your blogs deferring posting my thoughts for today….it’s been another morning of extremes (talk about ping-ponging…)….

First I wanted to share with you my slalom experience through traffic this morning – I always wanted to know what everybody was on about and why they complain about it – you …ducking …. diving…swerving and pissing off people while going from slowlanetomiddlelanetofastlanebacktomiddlelanetoslowlane story – all in the span of 5 seconds….THAT slalom….

Phew, I tell you it is not easy. The people who do this on a daily basis either have nerves of steel, or they MUST be racing drivers (bumper cars don’t count at all) OR they are just plain stupid and irresponsible. I will not do this again because I am not a racing driver – I do occasionally dream of driving a very fast car slowly over some people, but that’s about it. And I definitely do not have nerves of steel. Stupid?…uhm…maybe….(no true confessions today, thankyou!) When I got to the office my nerves were shot to hell and my knees felt like spaghetti…I promptly decided that I will not do this ever again. I relish my nerves more than anything…and anyway, I have to keep some over for the stoopid users I have to deal with every day….so no more slalom for Dizzy!!

Then I decided to do what I wanted to do yesterday – post something on that hospital goody that’s been going around blogland. I have two stories….my own…which you can read here…fortunately this was an experience with a good ending…

The other one has a very sad ending indeed. It is not my story at all, so details are sketchy…but here goes….last week Friday a colleague phones me to say that someone in husband’s family has died. I got the gist of it but had to phone another relative to find out more…But eventually her mom told me what happened when we went to sympathise on Sunday ….

Her daughter was pregnant and baby was overdue….because they did not have any med aid, they of course needed to go to a government hospital for the delivery….Their doctor mentioned there was a possibility of some complications as the child was rather big, and she would in any case have difficulty giving birth normally…he recommended a C-section off the bat….On Tuesday he advised they go to hospital immediately as it seemed she was going into labour….

He of course gave them a letter explaining his concerns….they got there….the doctors and nurses appeared to be stalling (they did not have an operating room available…this is my opinion)… They tried having her give birth normally… After some hours and literally pushing against her stomach to “help” her in delivering the baby…They finally decided to give an epidural and do the C-section (this was on Wednesday)…..The epidural paralysed her from the neck downwards….which is of course abnormal…if it was administered properly, this should not have happened….The baby was delivered….she was unconscious….couldn’t breathe….heart failing….they put her on a ventilator….Then unable to admit her to ICU….decided to transfer her to another government hospital….she got there, they did not want to admit her as they could see this woman was in a bad state…..They eventually did…on Wednesday evening husband’s cousin got the call no mom wants to hear…..”You better come…She will not make it…we don’t know how long….we don’t know when….”…..she died on Thursday morning around 11:00…. She is survived by a beautiful and healthy baby boy, a broken mother, father and sister….

Rest in peace ….

I have nothing more to say at this point…..



Comments on: "Allover-the-place # 2…or is it 3??" (5)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    It’s so terrible that finance should ever play a role in someones chances of survival. It really is a sad story.

  2. glyofbly said:


  3. Luvvit said:

    How awful :(Playing dodgems in the traffic is a hair-raising experience!

  4. fallenlilangel said:


  5. zhannoff said:

    This is such a terrible story :-(A new life should never be at the expence of another.So, what is your solution about traffic? I come from Dorandia, Pretoria North. Left home 07.30hrs this morning and arrived at office at Hillcrest Office Complex at 08.45hrs (a 30 minute drive on weekends)To answer your question on my blog: yes I am a registered voter and I am going to vote. But I strongly believe that the time has come for the citizens of this country to stand up and to be the salt. Like salt, we must begin to give good taste to being South African. Like salt, we must be the preservative of good values in this country. This cannot be done within the confines of the existing political straight jackets that we call political parties. There must be a movement that will bring about good morals, good manners, good work ethics, discipline, respect for one another, responsibility for family welfare, love of country, love of fellow man, etc etc. We must begin to give a voice to good ladies and gentlemen because evil thrives when they are silent. This is my dream.

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