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I’m back!! Hope ya’ll had a good weekend…

Friday I was a bit upset at the world (no kidding!!!), got home after 6 and was still fuming and not in the mood to be sociable. I asked husband to just give me 30 minutes to myself so I can unwind and get into a better mood….

Really, he asks, why? I started telling him, but he was so intent on the TV, he wasn’t even blerrie well looking at me, giving some inclination that he was really interested in knowing why I had such a k*k day!? I just gave up before i blew another gasket…..grrrr….who said men EVER listened to their women?? He’d better not EVER AGAIN try telling me what his day’s been like….I’m not interested, thenkyewverymuch!!! So much for unwinding (sigh)

But we had committed to visiting baby sis (BS) for a bring-n-braai, so had to get over myself. We got there and observant BIL asked what was wrong….asked them nicely just to give the first three whiskies time to relax me, and voila!! All was fine.…(at about 10:00 …hrmmphh!)

I was nogals a bit sour (again?!) at the other siblings – they were invited as well, one confirmed (younger bro & wife), the other one told me they’d be there, but they just never pitched. BS asked me if they were going to pitch, and I’m like “it’s your party….call them” She never did, I don’t blame her. How rude. We later agreed that

1. things must really be shit with older bro & wife – why else would they just not pitch?
2. If you had previous commitments or you just were not lus to pitch – make an excuse, ANY excuse, we won’t be the wiser, then no-one is left guessing?
3. I know they don’t like me much (interfering, bitchy, etc), but what’s their excuse with BS? She was rather hurt, I could see….

Me, they can go fly a kite for all i care….ok, i’ll feel differently in a weeks’ time….but for now…..

The other husbands were on a mission – they wanted to go check out a new club that opened closeby. They pressured my one (doesn’t take much does it?) to go with. Now, I am not one of those women who ties their husbands to their apron strings, we all need our freedom, so by all means, have a night out with the boys (just as I have a night out with the girls every now and then) – just not every friggin’ weekend!! The conversation:-

Him: Are you sure I can go
Me: Er, yah. You don’t have to ask my permission
Him: But you will be alone at home
Me: Er…yah, I’ll be fine (I have my dumbbells, pepper spray, the alarm, a cricket bat, and I know some karate moves).. Anyway, I am left alone every now and then, so what’s the diff. Just drop me off and go
Him: Are you sure
Me: (getting quite irritated) Flippin’ hell – No, stay. Don’t go
Him: But you just said…
Me: (grrr./…threw hands in air) I give up. If I say yes, it’s not good enough, if I say no, it’s also not. So what do you want me to blerrie say!!
Him: Silence (hakakakaka from the other guys….who looks the fool?)

The point is, it seems when we don’t play mind games, they don’t know what to do. They are absolutely flabbergasted that their women actually means what she says when she says it. So I give up. From now on I will not say what I mean and just continue with the mind games. Seems they know how to handle this better than straight talk….

After this, I was really, truly not in the mood for any visitors on Saturday (needed some sleep + lots of water :-))), but it seems all the friends (and a cousin) just had to pop in on Saturday – just a quick one, mind you – YAH RIGHT!! Seems they picked up the whole bloody neighborhood on their way to visit …. it was difficult contributing some meaningful conversation…and they wanted to talk about everything…..boyfriends, dreams, the elections, children, religion….It was all just wayyyy too much for me….managed to make some meaningful grunts here and there…..I hung in there…somehow….

….then they have the nerve to only leave after bloomin’ 10:00…sigh. To crown it all – they complain I never visit them…well I would if you just gave me a chance to actually visit you once in a while!!! Scheizer.

Yesterday I got some time to myself – had to practically blackmail the family to leave me alone – and I got to thinking about my lack of control these days. I can only ascribe it to this – when they removed the growth last year, the surgeons must have removed the last bit of self control I had. Why else would I suddenly become such a stark, raving lunatic? The temper was bad before…but now it’s just no holds barred?? So, what I’m trying to say is this….it’s not my fault….it’s THEIRS…. I was a perfectly normal self contained (lady) before the op…….(bhwahahahaaaa…I’ve actually convinced myself of this…how bad is that??!!)

One thing I am grateful for though, that idiot Friday person finally cured me of the Valentine’s madness that dogged me the whole of last week. Thank goodness for small mercies !!!! J

Have a super day!!


Comments on: "Mutterings" (5)

  1. Luvvit said:

    Love your excuse about self-control – stick with it – it works for me….:)

  2. Mahesi said:

    A super day to you too Dizzy 😉

  3. hutton said:

    Hope this week will make up for the last 😉

  4. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    LOL! Great excuse for the temper 😉 Hope this week is kinder to you.

  5. borrel said:

    hi dizzy please send me that miracle working strict diet i would appreciate it.

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