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Morning bloggers

I have so much on my mind and my plate today, I’m bloodywell allover the place….needless to say, yesterday was nogals a bit of a k*k day, but will get to that some other time…..for now I wan’t to bitch about my favorite topic….the assholes on our roads….

Do people actually get their asshole driving personalities when they buy their new car? Just think, you go hunting for your new car, after test driving 20 or so, you finally settle on one, then you have to decide on all the extra’s:

– Colour (check)
– Sports pack (check)
– 6 CD shuttle (check)
Asshole Personality ……CHECK

Yeah, I can see how that one is appealing to most – and I’m not discriminating at all, this includes both sides of the fence – you obviously cannot buy a specific make and model without opting for the last option….and this is specifically for the following drivers (I apologise in advance to those of you who drive the following cars and are indeed part of the above category):

Ford ST
Range Rover
Hummer (ok, you get out of the way as soon as you spot them, you’re a fool if you don’t)

But what’s the Corsa & Citi Golf driver’s excuse, huh? They don’t get any options but color….does that mean they are born assholes?


When I grow up I’m gonna buy myself a BIG ASS HUMMER to nudge you out of the road when you cut in front of me without even a Thank You Mam. Not to mention the fun I’ll have to ride on your ass all the friggin’ way to and from PTA…..

And what’s this with all the MP’s and NW’s and L’s on the N1 these days. Have the whole friggin’ plaasjapies migrated to Gauteng? Gauteng drivers are bad, but these guys.…there are just no words for them..…please keep up with us or go back to your plaasland…..and if one MP cuts in front of me AGAIN and then still says THANK YOU, I’m gonna bitch slap you all the way back to where you came from!

Flippen buggers

Have a super day….



Comments on: "ABS, EBD and thank goodness for VSA" (13)

  1. MartyJ2 said:

    Hope your day gets better! 🙂

  2. MartyJ2 said:

    My plates are Natal plates but I am worse than a GP on the roads, I forget my Natal plates, unless I want to play lost visitor when explaining to a traffic cop why I was driving like a moron… works like a charm!

  3. Killakat said:

    You are one very clever boy Phoenix…next time I see a (Golf) without number plates, I’ll honk ;o)

  4. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Problem is Mpumalanga actually starts before Delmas which is really not that far so that accounts for a lot of them but I too have noticed a lot of foreign plates lately… Drivers in SA in general leave a lot to be desired.

  5. Luvvit said:

    And they only get worse when we have weather like this…

  6. Killakat said:

    Urghh. I know I shouldn’t but it gets me unecessarily riled and I just can’t keep my big trap shut about it….maybe it is all this rain….

  7. davidsdance said:

    Ahem, ja well no fine but I agree with you on people who drive certain types of veeeehicles. Especially the Blik Met Wiele ones!!

  8. feefy said:

    Deep breath again… Not good for the blood pressure doll.

  9. Killakat said:

    Hey Fee, I know, but rather gettit off your chest, right? Thanks goodness i have low BP then ;o))

  10. Moonz said:

    Can’t believe how I’ve never been to your blog before. This will change.. you are hysterical :)Hi.. nice to meet you Madwoman LOLxxx

  11. Killakat said:

    Aw, so sweet, thanks Dinx…hope you stick around when I’m boring too… ;o))

  12. Periwinkle said:

    LOL… I know what you mean. Firstly about yesterday being a K*K day!!! And this morning I had two cars behind me challenging eachother – you know when 2 lanes turns into one.. both these turds wanted in first… I could not believe my eyes. They were pushing eachother off the road, and into the oncoming lane. It was crazy stuff.

  13. borrel said:

    haaa haaa you make me laff! I agree, and what about the trucks in the fast lane! like seriously, nee wag RERIG???????????

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