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Coming out of the bathrooms ran into a female colleague in tears…WHY? HER GUY LEFT HER. After friggin 11 YEARS, he decides this is just not working anymore and he’s not getting what he wants from the relationship and he feels that it is best to move on…..AFTER ELEVEN EFFING YEARS???!!!

COME ON!! Surely you know within 12 months (i.e. a year) whether this person is for you or not. Whether you can actually stomach the idea of looking at the same face day in day out for the rest of your life. Waking up next to them when they don’t have any make-up on and the hair looks like a warthog. Nevermind the BO. Coz’ that IS what it’s about, isn’t it. Not just love schmarve, but how compatible you are and whether you can picture yourself with ONE PERSON for the rest of your time on this earth??!!

Do you really wanna tell me it took this schmuck 11 years to decide she wasn’t good enough for him anymore? COME ON!!

Not that I also blame her. She should’ve seen the signs a long time ago. But we blind ourselves to whatever it is that makes us feel better about this going-nowhere-slowly relationships. We pacify and we hope and we dream and pray. And the excuses we make for these sorry asses calling themselves men….then he eventually kicks YOU in the ASS…..

If he doesn’t put a ring on your finger by year 2 (it doesn’t need to be a bloody rock, so don’t tell me about finances, nor careers and studies and all that shit; if you want each other, you’ll make a plan)….then you better get out of there and start the shit search all over again.

Am I cynical? VERY.

Poor gal, I really feel for her…..


Comments on: "Love Schmarve…." (8)

  1. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Poor women. Eleven years is going to be hard to try and forget. What you say about the rock is so true. If they are making excuses as to why they can’t marry you – then they probably DON’T want to marry you. Fullstop.

  2. JournoJen said:

    Sjoe that’s really tough hey! But as you say, she should have known that something was up. Well…I really am not ready for marriage just yet (only 23) but I believe my bf and I are committed. We live together, talk about the future, and well…he bought me a promise ring for Christmas 07 🙂 I think it’s not necessarily getting married within 2 years but rather making committments to each other!!

  3. Killakat said:

    Madmom & OCYou guys read my mind…but one doesn’t say it when its so raw, eh? She’ll find out on her ownAmbi – precisely !And what pisses me off even more – we end up questioning ourselves – what did we do to chase him away? Urghh!

  4. feefy said:

    He’s probably got someone else, the grass is always greener…

  5. Killakat said:

    Fee – yip. Assholes.

  6. Killakat said:

    JJ – I’m split over that one….sometimes it works out wonderfully, sometimes it doesn’t…I really wish and hope you have the former….

  7. davidsdance said:

    And sometimes you hang on long after the signs have klapped you through the face nogal!! There is always the female hope that it will work out, that things will change – I feel for her!

  8. davidsdance said:

    By all means Dizzy, by all means – they are delish!!

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